Saturday, May 26, 2012

SATURDAY 9 MEME: Self Esteem

Saturday 9: Self Esteem

1. How was your self esteem growing up?
I was always made to feel inferior by both parents. In grade school, I took up the trumpet and became a star player in the band which boosted my confidence. I also developed young (13) and the boys discovered me. I got a lot of attention as a teenager, but esteem is not a quality I remember ever having.

2. Do you ever have a hard time with morals?
No. There is right, there is wrong. There is no grey area.

3. Do you eat in bed? If yes, what?
I've had breakfast in bed and I've enjoyed various beverages.

4. What was the last movie you hated and why?
I usually don't watch movies I hate. I started to watch Slumdog Millionaire but stopped after 5 minutes in the beginning where that guy was getting tortured. I could not go on.

5. Have you ever felt that you lost it all? If yes, explain.
I filed for chapter 13 bankrupcy about 7 years ago and paid off the debts recently, but at the time, I was broke and scared.

6. Have you ever been stalked?

7. Do you believe in 'self help' for problems, or do you prefer therapy?
I believe some problems (emotional, depression, etc) require a trained professional. I have some self help books (on esteem, lol).

8. What celebrity do you think should make a run for office?
Jello Biafra (again)

9. Do you believe in happy endings? (We do. That why this is the last question!)
Yes, but happy "along the way" is important too...


  1. Read your responses before I did my own and I'm glad. You showed me that some of the weightier questions can be answered honestly but also with a light a touch.

  2. Yes the "along the way" part to the happy ending,is a must...

  3. I had to look up Jello Biafra, but then I am old. Good thoughtful answers

  4. Now that I think of it, I've never had breakfast in bed. I've had dinner in bed though. Oh well.

    Enjoy your day :)