Saturday, May 19, 2012

SATURDAY 9 Meme: Somebody That I used to Know

Saturday 9: Somebody That I Used to Know

1. How do you feel when you realize that an impasse will cause a relationship (any type) to end?

2. You’re planning a trip that would be an eight-hour car ride, a four-hour train ride, or a two-hour plane ride. With money and time being no object, which would you most likely choose and why?
I'd do the car...I love driving and  like the control and independence of having my own vehicle.

3. What is your ideal past time on a lazy summers day?
My pastime on any season lazy day is driving country roads or watching "Four Weddings" or "Property Brothers", or recording up MP3s to play in the car. Right now, the wedding and our new house is taking up ALL my spare time.

4. Name a CD you own that no one else on your friends list does.
Most of my friends would not own any of the music I like.

5. What's a wish of yours?
I want pleasant weather on my wedding day. : ) xxx

6. What is something your going to do a lot of this week?
House prep. I'm having 3 people over for dinner tomorrow night.

7. Is there someone you wish would just fall off the face of this earth?
I have some pesky vendors at work who are difficult to deal with on the phone.

8. What did you do last night?
Bud and I attended a wedding rehearsal dinner hosted by our neighbors.

9. Where is the next place you'd like to go vacation?
NY's Lyndhurst Manor (where the Dark Shadows house was filmed)


  1. Just going the the freaking movie wasn't enough? ;)

  2. Ditto on the car trip - the independence of it is nice. Good wish!

  3. You are going to have spectacular weather for your big day. I've been there that time of year and it was amazing.

    I said huh too for #1. Geez.

    Have a great weekend Kathy!!!!