Monday, January 23, 2012


Saturday 9: Home

1. Do you live close to where you grew up? Why?
Not far enough away. I left home at 18 and never looked back at that hometown as a place I'd ever want to live. I even left the country.
 2. Have you ever been so angry that you almost lost control?
You mean lost control as in almost hurting someone? the car I can get road rage.

3. Are you a fan of a musical act that slightly embarrasses you?
I love DEVO...the 80s synth band...they had incredible ideas and fun electronics. I still love them.
 4. Is there a movie that always makes you cry?
Imitation of Life....the 1936 version when the young girl runs after her mother's coffin in the procession.
 5. Who is the most famous person that you've met?
I was a bartender in a trendy champagne-caviar bar in Los Angeles...I met many. Most notably, Carol Burnett and Jack Lemmon. I also met Andy Summers from The Police, Danny Elfman from Oingo Boingo, Marilu Henner,  James Spader, DEVO, Neil Young, and most of the cast of Dark Shadows...I don't know if it counts, but I was in London in 1986 on the side of the road waving as the QUEEN went by waving from her seat on the way to Andrew and Fergie's wedding. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was about 10 feet away from her.
 6. Before you leave your home, what must you have?
Keys, Wallet, Makeup, Coat or Sweater.
 7. What do you miss the most about being a kid?
Spare time.
 8. Tell us about a passion of yours that your readers would not expect?
I collect recipes.

9. At what age do you think you'd be to think, “I've had a great run”
Now that I've bagged the Hunter, it would be my present age...

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sunday Stealing: The Never Ending Meme, Ends

36. Have you watched American Horror Story?
Oh it...Cannot wait until Season Two!
37. Baseball hat or toque?

38. Do you shampoo or soap up first in the shower?
I start at the top and work down...shampoo first....
39. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?
Wet...toothpaste needs help...

40. Pen or pencil? a great pen. Pencils remind me of grade school.
41. Have you ever gambled at a casino?
Oh ya... slots are fun! : ) I've also played high stakes BINGO.

42. Have you thrown up on a plane?
Oh ya...private plane and commercial airliner...I am deathly afraid of flying...but have flown often and far.

43. Have you thrown up in a car?
Oh ya...In, around and on...mostly my wild youth, lol.

44. Have you thrown up at work?
Um...ya...most recently in my waste basket...don't ask.

45. Do you scream on roller coasters?
I even scream on the kiddie rides...more afraid of construction malfunction than anything else.

46. How many shoes do you have?
47. Who was your first roommate?
Not counting my Army barracks roommates, it was Barbara Watson...a social butterfly who moved her boyfriend into our apartment, making me the 3rd wheel, catching them naked in the livingroom more times than I want to remember. She was the last platonic roommate I ever had.

48. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time?
Some funky concoction in the 1970s... a Sloe Gin Fizz.

49. What was your first job?
After the summer paper route, I was a popcorn stand girl at a small movie theater.

50. What was your first car?
A canary yellow Pontiac Astre....a car that was like a Chevy Vega in it's time.

51. When did you go to your first funeral?
I was in 9th grade, 14 or so, and a girl drummer in our band died of a brain hemmorage. It was the first dead body I ever saw and I remember the smell of formaldahyde and the carnation covered snare drum by the coffin.

52. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?
I was 18 and it was The Army....they came to the door and my mother cried as I got into the government van.

53. Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Hungerford...what a mean lady.

54. Where did you go on your first airplane ride?
Westerly airpot in Rhode father was a private pilat and owned a small plane. He often took me up in it for day trips around New England. I went on my first ride at about age 8.

55. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
No sneaking out in my house. My mother was the proverbial hall monitor there. I did come in late, however...

56. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?
I had a great friend named Pam who I still keep in touch with. I saw her on Christmas Eve when she visited her mother in my old hometown. I drove down to see her and it was great catching up.

57. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents’ house?
US Army miserable. Talk about Private Benjamin!

58. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

59. Whose wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen?
I was never a bridesmaid. I was a bride, though. : )

60. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Slam my fist on the alarm...

61. What was the first concert you attended?
Chicago, Beach Boys and The Captain & Tennille...a triple header in 1975.

62. First tattoo or piercing?
I got a tattoo on my 50th birthday. It was a rite of passage.

63. First celebrity crush?
James Darren in THE TIME TUNNEL, then William Shatner in STAR TREK.

Is that everything?...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CURIOUS AS A CAT MEME # 3hundredsomething

Week Number 306

1) Name three songs that remind you of specific people in your life. Explain who each reminds you of and why.
EARTH WIND & FIRE : REASONS  Reminds me of Bud because he played it all the time at the nightclub we met at 35 years ago.
BOB DYLAN :  MAGGIE'S FARM  Reminds me of my brother Bob who was the true rebel and black sheep of the family. He loved Dylan and was always keeping my parents on their toes with his political rants and social commentary. He has a great sense of humor too.
PABLO CASALS : THE DYING SWAN (From Carnival of the Animals) Reminds me of my mother. She loved this song since her high school graduation and had it on the stereo phonograph during the last year of her life. I had it played at her funeral.
2) What one socially-unacceptable behavior do you REALLY wish we could make socially-acceptable?
Socially unacceptable behavior or law? If behavior, I cannot think of fact, there are some "acceptable" ones I'd like to see outlawed (like breast feeding in restaurants and loud snapping gum chewing). If it's a law I'd like to see changed, probably allowing assisted death in all 50 states.

3) Have you ever milked a cow? Ever tipped a cow?
I love Moo Cows! Cow tipping is cruel. I pet them and talk to them when I see them in fairs or if I'm photographing them in a scenic landscape. 

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
The pic of a close up tie and vest on a school boy reminds me of David Collins on Dark Shadows who was always dressed too fancy for the 1960s.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

SATURDAY 9 MEME : Losing You...

Welcome to Saturday: 9, the meme to start the weekend.

1. Have you ever still been in a relationship that you knew was ending, but you hung in with it anyway? If yes, why?
Yes, my marriage to a man 9 years my junior lasted about 5 years more than it should have. Thank goodness I found a guy 206 years older that will make my 2nd marriage a keeper.

2. Tell why people around the world should be completely enthralled by you.
I am one of a kind.

3. Other than where you live, what's your favorite city and why?
London, England. I lived there 3 years and am homesick often for it. Culturally and historically, it runs circles around anything we have here in the States. Love the people, love the fish n chips, love the comedy TV shows... and I am a Royalist.

4. What is something you are really passionate about?

5. What has been your most exciting prize that you've won?
I won a wildbird blanket at a hooterville country fair in MA a few years ago by donating to a charity raffle. It was so far away, I had to use more than the cost of buying the blanket in gas money to go pick it up. I've never seen one like it elsewhere and I use it often for naps.

6. Do you think there was there a second gunman behind the grassy knoll?
YES...wish it was not a cold case. We deserve to know and JFK needs to be put to rest with the truth. Someone knows....

7. What was the silliest, most fun, crazy or impractical gift that you received?
My sister threw me a bridal shower for my first marriage and bought me and my husband to be some really embarassing gag gifts for our Jack n Jill. We threw them out immediately after the party was over.

8. What was the most practical gift that you received?
It sounds awful, but when my father died this past year, I could finally sell his "gift"...the house, allowing me to get a new car, dental work, furniture and to invest in my new house that we are moving into this month.

9. What blogger has been in your blogroll the longest? How did you discover them?
WTIT because Bud weiser and I were dating. I'd never heard of memes before him...thanks a lot Bud.