Thursday, August 18, 2011


Cleaning up stains and contemplating life  WTF Meme:

1) A man has gained national attention after he climbed onto a Tulsa, Oklahoma, communications and stayed up there for more than six days as authorities tried to coax him down. If you wanted to go somewhere to contemplate the meaning of life, where would you go?
I always turn to nature and trees and day trips in the car. Driving on a beautiful country road with good music playing is the cats meow.

2) If you (or your spouse/significant other) lost your job today, how long could you survive living off your savings?
I'll have to put Bud out on the street to turn tricks again.

3) What do you wish someone could invent a pill for?
Reversing the aging process negative aspects.

4) You spill something on your white shirt at lunch. What do you do about it -- do you find another shirt change into, find a jacket to cover up with, use a Shout wipe or a Tide/Clorox pen to clean it, or ignore the obvious spot and keep wearing the shirt?
I keep a sweater at work. I'd try to wash it out with water and blot it, but would don the sweater methinks for the rest of the day.

5) How do you feel about TV shows and movies that random musical numbers in them?
Doris Day movies rule.

6) Do you have a "lucky" article of clothing or some other good luck charm?
Shapeware is lucky for helping me fit into tight clothes.

7) Today (August 18) is Bad Poetry Day. If your significant other wrote you a poem that was absolutely horrible, would you be honest about how bad it is or just go ahead and shower him/her with praise for the work put into writing it?
I am known for my brutal honesty. He knows better than to write me a poem. lol

8) If you had to describe your personality only by saying the name of a color, what color would you be?

9) You're invited to a wedding and find out the couple has chosen to do a potluck reception instead of having it catered. How would you feel about having to bring food to the wedding instead of being feed for free?
I live for that sh#t! I'd want to bring a couple of things, especially desserts.

10) Do you read critics' reviews of movies before you go watch them?
Depends. If I'm debating between two, I'll go with more stars.


  1. ooooooooooo pimping bud... now that sounds like fun!!! jk bud!!!!

    glad you liked your surprize. i was born & raised on the east coast and the falls there just end all falls. the best ever. thank you for the invite. same here, anytime you want to visit the midwest.... door is open!

    hugs & smiles kiddies!

  2. Driving and singing along to good music is the perfect time for deep thinking.

    Hmmm...will the twins have to pay for the pleasure of Bud's company? Will they get frequent flyer discounts? Will they get group rates?

  3. I'm speechless about the pimping Bud thing...