Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sunday Stealing: The 31 Meme, Part Two: In Memory to Clyde

16. What's the longest shift that you worked at a job?
I worked a lot of double shifts when I was a slot attendant at FOXWOODS CASINO in CT. What a miserable job...made worse by the fact that casino workers are not allowed to gamble in  the casino. I love playing slots and it killed me to see other people playing machines I would enjoy myself. I hated the vibe in there, the ringing, the stress, the white-green faces of losing people, and the nastiness of the public.

17. What was the last concert that you attended?
SO LONG DAVEY! was the last band I saw play live. The guitar guy and songwriter is Bud's youngest son, James and the band was smokin hot! Here's a link to one of their cool songs:
A couple weeks prior to them, I attended The HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR concert which was a 1960s music fan's dream! The Buckinghams, Grassroots, Association, Turtles and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & Raiders. I howled along to every song. The band's all still retained talent, tho most are now in their 60s and there were some mild vocals issues...great to see them all.

18. What the last DVD (or Blu Ray, of course) movie that you watched?
Bud and I watched CASABLANCA last night...for me it was the first (and last) time. It's Bud's favorite movie.

19. How did you like the film?
I was restless and bored and not attracted to Humphrey Bogart and not interested in the politics of it. Glad I got that over with. Nice to share time with Bud anyway.

20. What comedian do you love?
I love many, from all eras of comedy. Mr. Black reigns now as a personal fav.

21. Do you ever sleep in the nude?

22. Have you ever had a long distance relationship?
Somewhat of one now...

23. What do you think of astrology?
I'm confused about this new sign they discovered and how it changed everyone's birthsign date. I used to believe in the characteristics of each sign and saw them in any person who told me their sign. I am a true Pisces. Bud  is definitely a Scorpio.

24. What's you're favorite lyric quote from a song?
"All you know is all there is"  from an old DEVO song. There are so many good lines from songs...a crime to narrow it down to only a fav one.

25. Tell us something random about yourself.
I changed my first and last names in real life to fictional character names and had to go to probate court and paid $160 to do it..Kathryn is for Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek and Collins is for the Dark Shadows family.

26. Have ever attended a theme party? If yes, do tell.
I was a bartender at a trendy Venice Beach California restaurant-bar that had a "tranny" night and I dressed as a man and won first place. I had to dance with the male winner dressed as a woman to the whole room clapping time to nu wave music. It was the 1980s, dude, I am SO SHURE.

27. What is your favorite thing about winter?
Wearing cover up clothes and stylish boots. Good hearty meals and holiday cookies.

28. What was the name of your first pet?
Joe the goldfish. Freddy joined him...named for two of the members of Paul Revere & the Raiders. To this day I hate seafood and that low tide smell.

29. What have you done so far this weekend?
Umm...well I was with Bud last night. Did some shopping and ordered a new phone. Cleaned and hung some art on the walls. Watched part of my 1260 episode set of DARK SHADOWS...and the day is still young!

30. Has your humor ever been called “sick”?
Ohhhh yaaaa....but not so much lately. I'm all growed up and respectable now.

31. If you could have one thing, what would it be?


  1. I wish I'd seen you in Venice Beach. LOL

  2. Does that make your home Collinwood?

  3. I went through a noir movie phase and loved Casablanca. I wonder if I'd like it as much now.

  4. I agree, Casablanca is so dull. not one of my faves at all.

  5. cool, your fish has a name.. hehe

  6. Hey- I just noticed that you're back!
    You and Bud really confuse me.

    I am super happy to see you back :)