Saturday, June 9, 2012


Saturday 9: Changes

1. Do you believe people can truly change?
Yes...and usually after some life-changing event...

2. Do you think there is anything wrong with being average?
Depends on what you define "Average" as... I think normal is pretty boring.

3. Do you believe in fairy tale love?
Yep, but I also know it takes work, and that it only stays fairytale with effort...

4. Has anyone ever spread something malicious about you?
I had about 3 co-workers several years ago that were quite catty and I received a "send to all" e-mail I was not meant to was about me and how it was funny how I had no clue how much they all hated upset me and woke me up to the fact that I cannot please everyone all the time. (see #1)

5. Have you ever done something at a party that you've ever regretted?
I'm sure I did but I don't remember...

6. How do you go about setting your goals?
I just do...

7. Do you believe you deserve everything you want?
I will try to earn it...and create it myself.

8. Do you have people in your life you could always count on?
Not any more. There is Bud and no one else.

9. Did you ever make a close friend from someone that you've dated?
I was very close friends with an ex for over 7 years. We were "best friends" until I got serious with Bud, then the best friendship turned very sour. I miss having a best friend, but will make sure it is a female this time...


  1. #4 is so mean! No workplace should be so hostile! I hope you got out of there fast.

  2. Aw...Bud......

    I'm with you one the "average" thing.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. LOVE your answers. #4 is awful. Sometimes people can be nasty. Have a great Sunday