Saturday, June 2, 2012

SATURDAY 9 MEME: Crown of Creation

Saturday 9: Crown of Creation

1. Do you understand a belief model based on creationism?
No. I have a pagan concept of spirituality.

2. Is your house run more like a dictatorship or a democracy?
At times I wonder. We are both strong individuals. We'll work out the details of our life together without delegating who is top dawg in the castle.

3. Are you likely to forgive a transgression and give someone a second chance?
Yes, and hope he does as well...

4. Is religion a big part of your life?
Spirituality is...but I enhance my life with it, it does not control my life.

5. Do you feel your job (or your spouse's if you work at home) is safe?
Yes, my job is safe. Yes, his job is safe. Thank goodness too, as we have a mortgage to pay!

6. Do you believe in gay marriage? Why?
Yes of course! Anyone should be able to marry as long as they are over 18 and both want to marry. It's a no-brainer. I don't get why it's even an issue.

7. Do you think the current U.S. war will lead to a more peaceful world?
War is wrong.

8. Do you like people with swagger?
I find it amusing.

9. What kind of budget do you live on, is it tight or carefree?
I have always been a "carpe diem" kind of person...carefree and careless...Bud has to pull the reigns in mother scrimped and saved for "someday" and died before she could enjoy it...that won't happen to me.


  1. I think your mom is really not a good example. Of lots...

  2. Pagan- excellent answer.

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!

  3. I do believe I have a little pagan in me too!