Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sunday Stealing: The Imaginary Meme, Part Three

41. Growing up, who was the easier mark: Mom or Dad?
In my early years, my father. As a teen, my mother used to spoil me.

42. What is the stupidest pet that you ever saw?
As in unintelligent or as in silly to own? If unintelligent, I'd say gerbals slamming around in glass bubbles in the livingroom. To own...birds....they should fly and be free.

43. Tell us about a band whose every CD is a “must have”.
There are many...Beatles, Cure, Depeche Mode, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Beach Boys...

44. Where you surprised when Jim Parsons came out?
It is never a shock when someone is gay, however I love Sheldon and I'd rather not know personal things about the actor who portrays him. It's distracting.

45. Have you ever shoplifted?
Only one time, and I was a young teen trying to impress my friends. We all went into Caldor and each was to "take" something. I "took" a bottle of "BABE" cologne and to this day feel guilty about doing it.

46. We currently have a person who plays both this meme and Saturday 9 who signs in to Mr. Linky every week. Yet, if you click on that link, you are told that only “members” can read the blog. Why do you think that person even bothers to sign in or for that matter, do the meme? (Don't misunderstand, we have no rules and we aren't angry. But it is damn peculiar, no?)
Spending time wondering about meme bloggers who snub you is a total waste of energy. I don't care. If they are private, no biggie. I don't care.

47. Have you ever driven a Ferrari?
No...should this go on my bucket list?

48. What do you call those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces?

49. Have you ever walked more than a mile?
I've been in charity walk-a-thons that went for 10 miles and I've walked at least that in the U.K. when I toured one summer.

50. Do you believe in magic?
I believe in the Pagan usage, not so much the magician usage.

51. Have you ever been arrested?
Probably should have been...

52. Have you ever skinny dipped?
Yes, but only in shallow water and not for long, as fish were pressing up against my leg and it creeped me out.

53. Explain what you think about hippies.
Do you think an Okie from Muskogee reads this meme?

54. New York or California?
New Yawk for culchaa...California fer fun dude.

55. Have you ever been dumped?
Yes, and by a famous person for another famous person. It sucked and I felt bad for years after.

56. What are you wearing right now?
Blue short sleeve plaid shirt and dark wash jeans along with readers and a watch.

57. John Edwards had a mistrial. How do you think he conducted himself after the verdict?
I hate politics.

58. Did you watch the series finale of House?
Yes...continuity errors abound...

59. You may need to go back a long way if you are old like Harriet. Who was the last person who asked you out? (Or that asked you out. Same dumb question either way.)
A date? Bud. Asked out? Invited to a baby shower...

60. Do you have any collections?
Dark Shadows stuff, music, and I used to collect those silly S'More creatures in statue form. I even had a mini S'Mores xmas bad.


  1. Oh, Paul Revere and the Raiders! No man has EVER rocked tights and a three-cornered hat like Mark Lindsay!

  2. So, YOU are the reason Caldors went out of business!

  3. I know what you and Bud will be arguing about...#46.
    I am so with you about birds. I hate indoor birds. Gimme a litter box or dogs who decorate my carpet any time....

    Have a great rest of your weekend.