Saturday, September 22, 2012

SATURDAY 9 MEME: Papa Was a Rolling Stone...

Saturday 9: Papa Was a Rolling Stone

1. What’s the best memory that you have of your dad, while growing up?
When I was little, he used to love putting dimes (!) into those little single rides that were in front of Bradlees and watch me laugh while I rode the horsey or rocked on the mini helicopter. I also remember my mother giving him $5 out of the "budget envelope" to buy a christmas tree with me and he always got an $8 or $10 one because I wanted a taller tree. He would tell me it was "our secret" and not to tell my mother he'd "cheated" on the cost. I also remember him taking me up in our small plane and "stalling the engine" at 2000 feet glide...

2. How boring do you think your life is?
Life is what you make it...mine won't ever be boring.

3. Can you do any accents? If not, do you know someone who is good at it?
I'm really good with a "Valley Girl" accent. I lived in Los Angeles during the height of popularity for them. I also have a great "English" accent that is from when i lived in London years ago. I love to do a Manhattan twang too...

4. What technology did you at first fear that you now could not live without?
The GPS.

5. Do you, or have you ever, thought you have a book in you?
I've written some children's books and read a few to Bud. He liked one but thought the other two sucked.

6. How does the weather effect where you live?

7. Are you more interested in you favorite artist’s next work, or the TMZ side of it all?
I go for the song or the movie. I was vaguely interested in the Kristen-Rob Pattinson scandal, but nothing interests me in the Enquirer range.

8. Have you ever felt “battled-scarred” by a relationship or relationships in general? If yes, do tell.
It was a challenge growing up with a positive outlook in the family I had...especially my parents.

9. Do you tend to root for the bad guy?
I felt bad for King Kong.


  1. I used to be able to do killer accents but somehow over the years lost it.

  2. I agree! King Kong was merely misunderstood. And come to think of it, I bet no one is ever a villain when he's telling the story.

  3. I never said the other two sucked. I was just saying which one I like best...

  4. I was really pissed when Universal Studios replaced the King Kong ride. That ride was awesome.

    Truth be told...Bud fell asleep before you finished reading the two books in question to him.