Sunday, September 23, 2012

SUNDAY STEALING Meme: Sparkling Beach pt 1

Sunday Stealing: The Sparkling Beach Meme, Part 1

1. Ever been given or received an engagement ring?
Yep, this past December. I also got one when I was 18...a "pre-engagement" ring...remember those?! lol

2. Longest relationship?
With my baby blanket. Still going strong...

3. Last gift you received?
Bud got me a bottle of Grand Marnier...but I think he had ulterior motives with that...

4. Ever dropped a mobile phone?
A few times in the car. Never had to replace one for that tho.

5. When's the last time you worked out?
Yesterday in a mad dash to clean the house because I thought Budd's son was going to show up with less than 2 hour's notice. He had never seen the house before.

6. Thing(s) you spend a lot of money on?
The Wedding is taking all my spare change and most of my payhecks...the rest goes to the house mortgage.

7. Last food you ate?
Coffee and a piece of toast with strawberry jam on it.
8. First thing you notice about the opposite sex?

9. One favorite song?
Only one??!! Presently I like Take Care by Rihanna and Drake. It's about a year old now, but I love it in the car.

10. Where do you live?
In a wonderful house Bud and i bought together.

11. High school attended:
I hated my HS

12. Cell phone provider:

13. Favorite shop:
I'm with Bud on Amazon. Real walking thru stores, tho, I like Pier 1 and Kohls for sales.

14. Longest job:
15. Do you own a smart phone? Why?
My phone makes and takes calls and text messages. That's smart enough for me...

16. Do you prank call people?
Not in 4 decades...

17. Last wedding you attended?
Bud's niece Tara...a big doo in Boston.

18. First friend you'd call if you won the lottery:

19. Last time you saw your best friend(s)
Is this a high school question? It's been 3 1/2 decades since I hung out with my best friends...

20. Favorite fast food Restaurant:
McDonalds for Fries, Burger King for Whopper Jr, Dunkin Donuts for Coffee, Wendy's in summer for their Berry Almond Chicken Salad, and Taco Bell for their Mystery Meat Crunchy Tacos...


  1. Hehehe #2 applies to me as well, though i didn't think of that at the time.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Haha - Nice way to split up the last answer, I never thought about traveling to all of them to get my favorites. Now I know... hmm I will need a map...

    Great Answers! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Oh, I never even thought of Dunkin' Donuts as a fast food place. Sheesh--I go there daily!

  4. Great Answers. Watch out for those fries from McDonalds though. My daughter did an experiment they didn't mold for 3 weeks in a jar. Scary what they do in your stomach

  5. I hope you got a rock this time!

    Those lame 'promise' rings. For guys who are too chicken to commit to anything but, still want something in return.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Why has it been so long since you have seen your best friends?

    I really enjoyed your answers, I hope you do this weeks.

    Check out my answers.