Sunday, July 1, 2012

SUNDAY STEALING MEME: Imaginary part 7

Sunday Stealing: The Imaginary Meme, Part Seven

121. Have you gone rock climbing? If not, would you?
Hmmm...lassooo a cliff and risk my life to get to the top of a mountainous rock? No thanks. Almost as much a waste of time as sitting out in the sun sleeping.

122. Do you believe in forever love in a romantic relationship?
I do now...

123. As a kid did you ever sneak anyone into your house?
There was no sneaking anything in my house as a kid. My mother was a watchdog and she slept in the livingroom. My room was on the 2nd floor and no access other than going thru the livingroom.

124. Do you personally know anyone homeless?
Possibly. A war veteran from VietNam era...He is in an apartment now, but not in great emotional shape. A relative of mine...I worry about him.

125. Do you believe in aliens?
Yep. I believe there can be life on other planets similar to ours and a whole lot more. MEN IN BLACK seems very real to me. : )

126. Have you ever killed someone?
In Hindu beliefs, people can return as a lower form of life such as a rock or ya in that human killing though...Do broken hearts count?

127. What would it take for you to sell your soul to a devil?
A drop of about 50  IQ points...

128. Top or bottom?
Loaded...I'm at the top of richness in that I have a man who loves me, a good job, a new car and a new house. I'm at the bottom financially from poor spending habits and not counting on the $475 tax bill I just got for my both...I'm not going to the sexual arean with this answer...

129. Are you happy with your career?
Yes. It's busy and diverse enough to keep me interested, but could probably pay a little more, given the company has grown so much in the year I have been there.

130. What's your favorite store to buy clothes? Why?
Online places like Overstock, Amazon and magazine ordering from Soft Surroundings and Boston Proper. I'm not a mall rat.

131. What is your eye color?
Blue usually, but a little bloodshot this morning from the alcohol last night...

132. Watching or playing sports?
Uugh, neither. I used to be a good softball player and great at badmitton and volleyball. I tend to just watch halftime shows and olympic opening ceremonies for "sports". Sports are so boring to me. Scores and the same activity over and over. How dull.

133. Would you have plastic surgery? thinking about getting a face lift at 60...coming up in 6 years...

134. Name one website that you visit daily. Why do you read it?
I check e-mail and facebook daily. I read BERKSHIRE DAILY each morning online.

135. Are you going on vacation this year? If so, where?
We are considering a honeymoon vacay or staycay this October.

136. How do you align yourself politically?
I hate politics but I do vote.

137. Do you have any pets?
Not yet...

138. Do you believe in soul mates?

139. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself?
My eating habits

140. How long have you played Sunday Stealing?
2010 was my first year...


  1. So sorry to hear about your Vietnam era relative. That war ruined so many lives. My dear uncle died at 68 from Parkinson's, exacerbated mightily by his exposure to Agent Orange. So I feel strongly about how we treat our veterans.

    #128 -- The ONLY thing that came into my mind was the sexual spin on it.

  2. It's wonderful that you're satisfied with your career, how lucky!

  3. Soft Surroundings has some nice stuff. I just discovered them.

    I fell asleep in the sun today. It was too good :)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!