Sunday, July 15, 2012


Sunday Stealing: The Movie Time Meme
1. What is your all-time favorite movie costume?
Toss up between Johnny Depp's in Edward Scissorhands and Vivian Leigh's Velvet gown in Gone With the Wind...

2. What classic film would you nominate for a remake?
If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium (a 1960s travel comedy film)
3. Name your favorite femme fatale.
Sigourney Weaver in Alien

4. Name the best movie title.
If It's Tuesday This must Be Belgium

5. Describe the worst performance by a child actor that you’ve ever seen.
They are usually pretty good. I cannot think of one.

6. Who gets your vote for most tragic movie monster?
Mel Gibson

7. What is the one Western that you would recommend to anybody?
Clint's come to mind....

8. Who is your ideal movie-viewing partner?
Bud or alone...I hate being around people when viewing films.

9. Has a film ever made you want to change your life? If so, what was the film?

10. Think of one performer that you truly love. Now think of one scene/movie/performance of theirs that is too uncomfortable for you to
Brendan Fraser...uncomfortable?....hmmm...probably the scene in Monkey Bones when he jumped all over the bed.

11. On the flip side, think of one really good scene/performance/movie
from a performer that you truly loathe.
Mel in most of his movies... too bad...

12. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
Pillow Talk

13. What is your favorite drama?
Too many to mention just one...

14. Worst film you've seen?
Too many to mention just one...

15. How do you feel about the majority of romantic films being labeled "chick flicks"?
Sexist stereotyping.

16. Favorite on-screen couple?
Hugh Grant and anyone he co-stars with

17. Favorite off-screen couple?

18. Best kiss in a movie?
Lots of movies have great recent one was Brendan Fraser kissing the female lead at the end of Journey To The Center of the Earth...

19. Favorite scene?
The T Rex chasing the jeep in Jurassic Park,
20. Who are 2 film characters you wished had gotten together, but never did?
Captain Janeway and her number one man Chahoate (spelling!)

21. Two actors you think would have great chemistry, but have never done a film together?
None come to mind...

22. Favorite song in a film (doesn't have to be from a musical)?
Father and Son by Cat Stevens from Deep End, Easy To Be Hard by 3 Dog Night from Hair, and Jean by Oliver from Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ....too many to mention...

23. Best score from a film?
16 Candles, Hair, Sound of Music,

24. Best film quote?
Live Long and Prosper, We're not in Kansas anymore, Believe

25. A film you'd recommend that is a "Must See" for us to watch?
If Its Tuesday This Must Be Belgium


  1. I'm really shocked on how similar our answers were. We were meant to be...

  2. I love Pillow Talk!!! Doris Day :) :)....

    Gibson is really a major turd. I can't believe there are people still giving him roles. If he were a woman he would have been voted out of Hollywood.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  3. I remember the poster for If It's Tuesday ...! It was line art of the Statue of Liberty, pointing OUT to a group of tourists with cameras around their necks. It played at my local movie theater for ever, and looked quite funny and glamorous, but I was too young to see it. Now, with the miracle of DVD and YouTube, I can! (My mom can't stop me now!) Thanks for reminding me of it.