Sunday, July 29, 2012

SUNDAY STEALING Meme: Too Tired to Think!

The Too Tired to Think Meme, Part 2

26. What type of errands do you like running?
Picking up and dropping off using the car. Shopping errands. Running to the bank for work deposits...nice break from the desk.

27. Have you ever eaten snow?
Oh yes...and even as an adult.

28. What color are your bedsheets?
Right now we have the paisley blues on. We have more than one set.

29. What’s your favorite flower?
Dahlias and Batchelor Buttons
30. Do you do ballet?
I took lessons when I was a child. It helped shape my love of dance.

31. Do you listen to classical music?
Yes, lighter stuff. The Canon, etc... I especially enjoy boy choirs singing ancient songs with orchestras around christmastime.

32. What is the first TV Theme song that pops in your head?
The Andy Griffiths Show

33. Do you watch Sponge Bob?
A couple years ago, I spent a week with Buds young grandchildren and we watched hours of Spongebob every my fill...

34. What temperature is it outside right now?
Too friggin hot...

35. Do people consider you smart?

36. How many piercing do you have?

37. Are you signed on [to] AIM?
What decade is this?

38. Have you ever tried gluing your fingers together?
Not on purpose, but it has happened...most recently yesterday with eyelash glue...

39. How do you feel about your family?
What family?

40. Do you have an iPod?
Bud is using it right now until I get my office set up and music uploaded.

41. What time do you go to bed?
Varies with the workday and the alcohol.

42. What CD is currently in your CD player?
What decade is this?

43. What movie do you know every line to?
Pillow Talk and If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium

44. What is your favorite salad dressing?
A nice homemade italian or ranch

45. What do you want for Christmas this year?
It's Yule...and I'd love the boxed set of Dark Shadows' Entire Series with interviews and special features...comes in a mini-coffin...wicked the cast is having a meet n greet luncheon at Lyndehurst Manor in Tarryton NY where they shot a lot of exterior shots for the original show. I was all set to go until Jonathan Frid died. The other cast members will be there.

46. What family member/friend lives the farthest from you? Where?
My brother Bob lives in Austrailia and I miss him very much. My other brother, Ralph, lives in Reno and I miss him also.

47. Do you like hugs?
I'm not a touchy feely person. I like Bud's hugs, but no one else's.

48. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
When Bud proposed.

49. What’s the way people most often mispronounce any part of your name?
When I was young and my last name was Atkinson, people often said "Akkisson".

50. Last person you hugged?


  1. I love Pillow Talk, too! My favorite thing has always been Doris' clothes. Clean lines and bright colors, simple swing coats with big buttons, very Jackie Kennedy. I wish I could wear clothes like that. I also wish I had an Alma (Thelma Ritter) to clean up after me.

  2. I know-- it's hard to shake that stupid Andy Griffith show tune.

    Snow is fun when you can catch it in your mouth- first couple of snows. After that it's a pain.

    Have a great week!

  3. What decade IS this? Where's the bong?