Sunday, April 8, 2012

SATURDAY 9 Meme April 7

Saturday 9: I Must Be Seeing Things
1. Have you ever watched something unfold, that as you watched, you could not believe what you've witnessed?
My mother's death is forever etched in my mind.

2. What is your favorite city in the world? Why?
City...well London, England is my favorite.

3. What is the strangest film, to your sense of reality, that you have ever seen?
70s porn at the drive in on a dare...does it matter what the title was? I remember blue and purple body parts.

4. It seems that the older that you get, the less you want the hassle of seeing a live concert. Who is an artist or a band that you'd actually pay to see?
I'm still a huge Cure fan and also Depeche Mode put on a fun concert, Devo had the best concert of all in '81...I'd pay to see any of them, as well as Yes and Led Zeppelin, and if the Beatle kids tour, I'd get front row seats..

5. When was the last time that you lost your temper?
On the road at a car that cut me off...hand gestures and shouting from my Astro car.

6. When you were little, did you think "sex" was a bad word?
Never heard the word until I was about 11 or 12. Had no clue what it meant.

7. What does your smart phone do that really surprised you when you loaded the app?
My phone is only smart enough to take calls and text messages.

8. Have you ever been attracted to someone that you should not have been? (Feel free to take this lame question any way that you please.)
My boss at a photo lab when I was 19.

9. Will you see the new "The Three Stooges" film?
Of course!

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