Saturday, April 21, 2012

SATURDAY 9 Meme: Til I Hear It From You....

Saturday 9: 'Til I Hear It From You

1. If someone, that you trusted, told you that your lover was cheating, would you believe them or not?
I would ask my S/O what was happening and tell him what I heard...

2. What is something that you are disappointed about right now?
My weight loss attempts have gone south...I keep falling off the wagon and eating at work and snacking.
3. Jonathan Frid, who was the original Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows from 1967-1971, passed away in Canada at the age of 87. Who is your favorite vampire?
Barnabas Collins was my absolute favorite and the first actor I ever wrote a fan letter to. I cried real tears when I heard the news the other night. His character was a huge part of my childhood mother and I watched the show every day for almost the entire 5 years it was on. I had a crush on Barnabas. I saw Jonathan Frid last year at the convention for Dark Shadows and glad I did. This year, I am dragging Bud to the Collinwood house (Lyndehurst) for a tour and luncheon with some of the stars...

4. Should there be age limits on social networking sites such as facebook?
Perhaps limitations on what can be posted by people under 18.

5. Tell us about your pets. Do you have one that you wish would run away?
I work in an office where the boss brings in his black lab-great dane mix dog. The dog loves me and is quite gassy and doggie smelly and hangs out in my small office, often having gas and then walking out so when people come in, it appears to them that I have the odor...yes, I wish that dog would stay home.

6. Do you ever have a hard time with morals?
No. There is right and there is wrong. I have trouble with keeping myself from eating goodies...

7. Did you make 'a plan' the first time you made love or did it just happen?
We planned it so we could have a night in a motel.
8. Do you agree that fame is lousy or would you love to give it a try? Why?
I don't think it's lousy if you know how to handle it and have good support around you, and true friends.

9. Do you believe in forever, as in 'love forever'?
I do now...


  1. And you said when you took the job, "cuz I can be with the DOG!!" :)

  2. I bet that is one huge dog with huge slobbery kisses :)
    Have a great rest of your Saturday Kathy!