Thursday, March 24, 2011

ROCK N ROLL FRIDAY meme: John Lennon

Bud Hosts: John Lennon
Hi! I'm Bud Weiser, sitting in for my girlfriend DJ Kathy A today. Welcome to Rock 'n Roll Fridays. We are like other memes in that we will ask you thirteen questions each and every Friday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a singer, band, era or category and pick thirteen of their songs. Each of our questions will be based on the lyrics.
Today we picked John Lennon.

1. Gimme Some Truth “I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, shortsighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth"
What is one undeniable truth in your life?
Death and Taxes...

2. Instant Karma “Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear Why on Earth are you there
When you're everywhere Gonna get your share"
Why in the world do you think you are here?
To save the world, or at least entertain folks.

3. Out of the Blue “Out the blue you came to me
And blew away life's misery”
Has anyone ever came out of the blue for you?
A few of my friends contacted me on facebook.

4. Jealous Guy “I didn't mean to hurt you I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didn't want to hurt you I'm just a jealous guy”
Tell us about a time when you were jealous.
I loved the styling makeovers they did on the AI contestants. I wish I had a make up artist make me over.

5. Mind Games “We're playing those mind games together
Pushing the barriers planting seeds Playing the mind guerrilla
Chanting the Mantra peace on earth”
When was the last time someone played mind games with you?
My siblings and I are going thru my fathers things and making plans for the funeral, which is turning into a 3 ring circus. There are mind games all around right now...

6. Imagine “Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people Sharing for the world”
What's your favorite possession?

7. Working Class Hero “They hurt you at home and they hit you at school They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool
Till you're so crazy you can't follow their rules A working class hero is something to be A working class hero is something to be”
How did you get along in high school?
I was sort of popular in my Junior and Senior years, but only with a certain crowd of band kids and glee people.

8. I'm Stepping Out “Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta get out
I'm stepping out, babe Just a while Ain't been out for days”
When was the last time you went out on the town? What did you do?
Re-created my first meeting with Bud at Max's for a nice dinner and then sitting at the same outdoor table (brrr!) we talked at when we met. I wore my new red shoes. :-)

9. Steel and Glass “Well, your mouthpiece squawks as he spreads your lies But you can't pull strings if your hands are tied, hey, hey”
Who was the last person who spread lies about you?
Ironically, it was my father...I was going thru his notes and found an open letter to one of his elderly friends that he never sent and he white-lied about his children in it. I was startled.

10. God “God is a concept By which we measure Our pain”
How do you conceive “god”?
Immaculate conception?

11. I'm Losing You “Here in some stranger's room,
Late in the afternoon, What am I doing here at all?”
Have you ever cheated on a lover or been cheated on?
No, I tend to leave them first, then find another partner.

12. Whatever Gets You Through the Night “Whatever gets you through your life 'salright, 'salright Do it wrong or do it right 'salright, 'salright
Don't need a watch to waste your time oh no, oh no”
What gets you through the night?
Lately, Xanax. I never take drugs, but the funeral planning and handling the contents of an 89 year old house keeps me wide awake.

13. Give Peace a Chance “Everybody's talkin' 'bout ministers, sinisters
Banisters and canisters, bishops and fishops Rabbis and pop eyes, bye bye, bye byes”
What's everyone talking about where you live?
The tragedy of Japan and frustration with dealing with a snowstorm even on March 24th.


  1. Kathy -

    Sorry for the loss of your father. The love you shared will never be lost.

  2. Leave it to you to not only notice me using the wrong word (conceive vs. perceive) but have the best line : "Immaculate conception"! Too funny...

  3. Holy cow- I just finished the going through their stuff phase of losing parents. Luckily, only 2 out of 4 of us showed up and everyone got along. It helped that we had to wait 6 months to do anything.

    Oh, death, taxes and SCALES! hahaha

    Take care. I'm thinking of you!

  4. Kathy, please accept my sympathies on the loss of your dad. I haven't been around for a bit and didn't know.

    Death and taxes...why didn't I think of that?

    They have done a great makeover job on the AI contestants this year, haven't they?

    Immaculate conception...LOL, I did think of that when I read that.

    Thinking of you and hope all works out well with your family. :)

  5. Thank you everyone for your kindness. : ) Even you Bud... ;-)