Thursday, March 3, 2011


Welcome to Thursday Dating Profiles. This meme is based on a feature from WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. This is a bit different than an "answer this question" meme. Weekly, we scour those on-line dating sites to respond either a person's profile or often their headlines as most of us would really like to do. The spelling or grammar errors were in the original profiles.

1. ME:... is ... optimistic, faithful,hmmm... sometimes with certain ones, sexy; has 2 grown-up children - what a well done job! ;)...
ME: is not interested.

2. I am a very young 50 & a high-energy person. No couch potatoes please!
Hope you took your Geritol.

3. I like quiet life to enjoy with the favorite person and travelling together.
Sounds like a barrel of laughs.

4. I am weak yet strong, brave yet soft, leather and lace, a little good and a little bad.
Wasn't this a toilet tissue ad?

5. I think I am a shy person, still trying to smile though I've lost my beloved lover. I will try. But I may not get over it.
It'll be easy getting over your profile...

6. I have a wonderful sense of mischief,and a smile that will make you think naughty thoughts.
Where ya smilin? Perhaps Hef can do a spread on that.

7. I am a simple person without much fuss and with just average looks. I am a Catholic who would like to follow Jesus.
Translation: I am a boring, stoopid person who thinks other boring, stoopid people will find me worth being boring and stoopid with.

8. On this site for contact with other people that's all.
That's your story and you're stickin to it right?

9. I don't like to hurt people, but I will if you make me.
I double dog dare ya.
 10. You can get to know a lot about people by what they say when they post on this site.
You sound like an expert. Been here long?


  1. #8, LOL. I didn't even think about it that way. I might be willing to believe in a 'young 53'. However, a 'very young 50' sounds like something a vampire might say. ^_^

  2. Great job on a tough one. And I'm sticking to it, My opinion. I dropping the feature.