Friday, December 24, 2010


Hi I'm DJ KathyA! Welcome to Rock 'n Roll Fridays.
Today we picked Holiday Rock 'n Roll Christmas Songs.

1. BAND AID: Do They Know It’s Christmas
What is your favorite charity?
I love several, usually donate to local food shelters or donate my clothes to those bins for local charities, but Goodwill is my favorite big charity, because they sponsor a free online teaching course for computer programs, they hire seemingly un-employable folks to work in their stores, and they help the poor all over the world.

2. BRENDA LEE: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
What do you consider “rockin” about Chrismas?
The holiday season is different than the usual mundane every-day winter life. You are forced into traditions such as home decoration, gift making or giving, card mailing and parties. Not so shabby!

3. JOHN LENNON-YOKO ONO: Happy Christmas/ War Is Over
What major world event/change would you like to see happen on Christmas Day?
PEACE. War IS over if you want it...

 4. PAUL McCARTNEY: Wonderful Christmastime
What is your favorite Christmas memory?
That moment of anticipation as a young child, waiting at the top of the stairs for my parents to get up and light the tree. I'd walk cautiously down the steps, get blinded by my father's flash bulb on the camera, then see the presents. Good times.

 5. BEACH BOYS: Little Saint Nick
Have you been to California, Florida or some other warm weather place for the holidays?
I have lived in Florida and also lived in California. Celebrating a cold weather holiday in the tropical environment felt weird and unatural to me, although my parents took me to Disney World one Christmas year and that was fun.

 6. STEVIE WONDER: Someday At Christmas
What would like for a future Christmas for yourself and your family?
Everyone healthy and employed and no drama.

 7. WEIRD AL: Christmas at Ground Zero 
Have you prepared your family home for a catastrophic emergency?
Nope. My arse will be a fast go.

8. THE PRETENDERS: 2000 Miles
What is the furthest away you have traveled for Christmas or other holiday?
London, England. Loved it there for the holidays. Very old school.

9. ELVIS PRESLEY: Blue Christmas
What is the saddest Christmas memory you have?
A tie between the first one without my mother and the year John Lennon died.

10. THE WAITRESSES: Christmas Rapping
Have you ever hooked up on Christmas Eve?
No, but I have had relationships where it was a romantic evening...

11. ELTON JOHN: Step Into Christmas
What is your favorite snow-related activity?
I have fond memories of sledding down the hill at Washington Park in Groton, and also ice skating at night. It is really cool to do that. (Trusting the pond is frozen!).

 12. WHAM: Last Christmas
Do you have any lovers or friends you have lost touch with and want to reconnect with?
Some friends from the past. I may find them on Facebook one day, but they are not on yet.

 13. BOBBY HELMS: Jingle Bell Rock (I love this song! One of the few I can listen to at other times of the year )
Have you ever been on a sleigh ride?
Yes, took a sleigh ride last year up in Williamstown, MA on a scenic country hillside.

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