Friday, December 17, 2010

ROCK n ROLL FRIDAYS meme: Paul Revere & The Raiders

Today we picked Paul Revere & the Raiders.

I loved this band so much back in the 1960s, I used to spend all my allowances on 16 Magazines so I could get "pix" of my "favs". I had a crush on Freddy Weller and Joe Correro Jr. in this band. I met Mark Lindsay, the lead singer, this past summer at one of his concerts. A sweet man in person.


1. INDIAN RESERVATION “They took the whole Indian Nation, Locked Us on this reservation And though I wear a shirt and tie, I’m still a red man deep inside”
Have you ever worn a uniform?
Yes, as a girl scout in the 1960s. In Junior High and High School Band, as an Army PFC, as an armed security guard, and as a manager trainee for Pride.
 2. JUST LIKE ME “It’s just like me to say to you, love me do and I’ll be true. And what I’d like, for you to say, is you’ll come home to me each day”
Who was the first person you wanted to come home to you each day?
Captain Kirk or Herb Alpert. (I was like 5 or 6 years old).

3. HUNGRY “Well I got this need I just can’t control and it’s driving me insane, because I’m hungry…”
What did you eat the last time you were really hungry?
A portugese fresh roll with butter on it.

4. LET ME “But I know my love is going somewhere, But I’m sure, it ain’t being got by you”
Ever admired someone for their talent?
All the time. I love watching someone who is good at what they do, be it glass blowing or making an omlette.

5. HIM OR ME WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE? “I can still recall when you told me I was all, everything you looked for in a man, but I know that it’s not true, I see the way he looks at you, and I think you’re gonna hang me up again”
Ever been dumped for another person?
Yes, and it hurt wicked bad. Skip dropped me for an actress in the school play named Carol.

6. KICKS “Girl, you thought you found the answer on that magic carpet ride last night But when you wake up in the mornin' the world still gets you uptight”
Ever fall for a scam?
I am too trusting. I believe people in an optimistic mindset. I get burned frequently.

7. LOUIE GO HOME “Well hah I can still hear my baby moan, Louie go back home, I’d better go home…”
What is your fondest memory of being called home?
My mother bellowing out "Kaaaa-thaaaayy!" across what seemed like 4 street blocks for me to come home for dinner time when I was playing with my neighbor friends.

8. ACTION “Dance,dance, dance, let your backbone flip…let’s go to the place on the Sunset Strip!”
How do you get your backbone to flip?
I recently danced at an Indian party to ethnic Indian music. I was imitating the jestures and movements of those around me...I'm sure my backbone flipped at some point...I felt like I was a hundred years old the next morning!

9. DON’T TAKE IT SO HARD “And you shouldn’t take it so hard, no you, shouldn’t take it so hard…”
What have you taken too hard recently?
I overheard a co-worker diss me behind my back this week and it upset me to tears.

10. CINDERELLA SUNSHINE “Where do you go Cinderella Sunshine?”
What is your least favorite fairy tale?
Anything Disney made a movie out of. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, or anything where the woman is beautiful and has no skillsets and only lives happily ever after with some man or 7 dwarves she can cook and clean for. Uggh. Have I mentioned how I hate Barbie???

11. TOO MUCH TALK “Too much talk and not enough action do you know anybody getting satisfaction. Everybody wonder’s bout the crowd reaction and the world gets better by a very small fraction”
Do you read tabloids? Which ones and why?
I glance at the covers in line at the grocers, but I never buy any. I DO buy those "Women's World- All You- Real Simple- In Style- Good Housekeeping, etc. almost bi-weekly for a girly mag fix however. I did open one rag up to see "Kate's Wedding Dress" only to find it was not the actual dress, but the proposed dress Diana's designer sent to Kate for approval. Nothing is in stone. 

12. TIME AFTER TIME “But ya’all have emptied my mind time after time”…
What was the last boring speech or lecture you listened to?
An online course in financial management. Uugh.

13. I HAD A DREAM “I had myself a dream last night the same one. Havin it most every night now, since you’ve been gone…”
Ever have the same dream more than once? What was it about?
The dinosaur searching for food and I'm in the path and there are structures and yards all around, but no hiding places. I have this one often. I'm sure it is a symptom of some neurotic issue I'm having.


  1. great answers...brought back some memories...just might have to do this meme...

  2. I read all those magazines, too, but I refuse to call them tabloids. They're no where near as sleazy as the Enquirer or Star.

  3. I've seen those Indian dances. They are a lot of work- but, cool to watch.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I mention the online course as well. That sucked. :P