Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DATING PROFILES: Slippin off This Mortal Coil

Thursday Dating Profiles: Slipping Off This Mortal Coil

1. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
I think it's more my stomach reacting to your post.

2. I am not a righteous one, but I don't like being judged by strangers. So if you don't know me, don't say anything about me unless you want me to do the same to you.
Nah nahhh nah nahhh nahhhh...what grade are you in?

3. C'mon get tapping that keyboard.... before I slip off this 'Mortal coil'! Umm...kind of a cerebral concept for inclusion in such a stoopid sentence.

4. I am old enough to know what I deserve...players .
Holy cow! Talk about "askin for it"!

5. I want to be honest, I can write many things about me, not the person I will look at my profile want to know then wed know a little about. Clearly it is a simple request.
Wed know more than wed want about this simple request.

6. Sexually adventurous is big on my list.
Bud should jump right in on this one.

7. Personally, I don't feel there is anything interesting about me.
-sigh- ... Well then, back to the pint 'o Ben n Jerry's and cheesy movies on the Hallmark channel on a Friday night...

8. If you email me and ask me to mail you off this site for what ever reason. Including you don't get on here that often. Please do not expect me to respond.
Methinks you are probably unresponsive in other ways also...

9. Someone who thinks I make his hour, day and life brighter....who thinks I'm wonderful....and for me to feel the same way. Is that too much to honest person?
Someone lost a minute of their brighter, happy life reading this drivel.

10. Intellectually challenged...Don't hate me because I am ugly -- hate me because I am smart!!!
Methinks there are even more reasons to hate you...


  1. I think the ugly one should cash it all in. Me and sexual adventurous? Me. Oh, right...

  2. It's like we are getting paid to respond to these things...

    Have a great day!