Saturday, February 5, 2011

SATURDAY 9 meme: Margaritaville

Saturday 9: Margaritaville

1. Tell us about a time that you had way too much Jose Cuervo.
In Mexico, 1984. While it was a romantic getaway at Rosarita Beach, the $2.50 Giant sized Strawberry Margueritas started adding up after 5 or 6...I don't recall anything about that weekend after wards. Ihave NEVER touched tequila since...the hangover from that event made me want to die.

2. Do you agree with the following statement: "The older you get, the faster time goes by."?
Yes...and how!

3. What do you usually do during your "down time?"
Lately, just blogging, scanning photos, visiting my father in the nursing home, job hunting on 6 sites, drinking wine...gettin cabin fever lately.

4. When it comes to the opposite sex, do you feel you have a grasp on 'em - or do they continue to just surprise you?
Oh I've got a grasp allright...

5. What is your home town famous for?
Nuclear submarines (Electric Boat) and drugs (Pfizer)

6. How many romantic relationships have you had?
Too many to give a number to...

7. What's the best concert that you've ever been to?
Devo 1981 New Traditionalists tour in Providence and The Cure 1991 Greatwoods concert, which was supposed to be their finale, but was not.

8. Which famous person would you like to meet? Why?
The Queen of England. I'd love to have tea with her. I admire her discipline.

9. Has a newspaper or television reporter ever interviewed you? If so, what were the circumstances and what did you think when you read or saw what you said?
I was interviewed when I was managing a liquor store near a factory that decided to close down. The impact on the neighborhood businesses was the topic. My photo appeared on the front page, counting money in the register. They did an accurate job with my comments, I looked good in the photo, and the article was well written.


  1. A lot of cabin fever has been going around lately, I had a touch of it last week and I think I caught it from my co-workers. You can tell the early symptoms easily, talk of far away tropical places and the dreaming look in their eyes like their someplace else.

  2. I knew someone would go that route with #4. lol :-)

    What is it with tequila in Mexico--you'd think they invented it or something!

  3. Wouldn't you just love to know what's in the Queen's handbag???

    Have a great day!

  4. The Queen called. Are you free for tea next Saturday?

  5. Ask the Queen how she really feels about her daughter-in-law Camilla and her late Aunt Wallis. And please, PLEASE be sure to bring Bud along. I want to hear how HRH reacts when he starts on Michelle and MaBelle.

  6. Accurate reporting and a flattering photo? I'm impressed!! And I did snicker at #4.