Sunday, February 20, 2011

MONDAY MAYHEM meme: The stoopid question theme

Today Harriet is asking Stupid Questions to the World Wide Buzz.

1. How and why does one become a modern day pirate?
I met a guy on who did this pirate thing on weekends and Civil war re-enactments monthly. I only went out with him twice and decided not to continue even though he had a great chemistry. A wench and a revolutionary war camp woman I am not...

2. What would happen if a government actually balanced it's budget? Could it actually ever happen?
Sure, but the hard part is what services take the hit to balance it.

3. What do you think of this "Royal Wedding" stuff?
I am totally digging it. I love the royals. Wills is going to be king and I like this gal he has finally asked to marry him. I love the the pomp n fluff of the regal ceremonies. It is HISTORY in the making. Why remove such a beautiful pagentry in this modern age of hard, cold factual life? It is magical and enhances our daily lives. I hope they keep the royals at least thru my lifetime.

4. Is Gaga really a Madonna-wanna-be? Or is she her own phenomena?
I honestly believe Madonna has more class. I like Gaga's music to a point. She is a fad's her 15 minutes to shine. I give her maybe another coupla years before she is histpry unless she evolves like Madonna did.

5. What do swimsuits actually have to do with a Sports Magazine?
Meathead sports enthusiasts like to see semi naked women. A full life there...

6. What is the stupidest thing you witnessed this past week?
Ashley getting passed thru on American Idol after yet again another immature, emotional breakdown before a competition.

7. What is an "Ugly American"? Are they really uglier than other people?
American ignorance is ugly to the rest of the world. It is a nasty stereotype that many Americans play out when they travel.

8. If you could name your new virtual pet anything you wanted to, what would you name it?
I will not own a virtual pet. Bud has Happy and one is enough for any household.

9. Is winter (or whatever season you are in at the moment) really over? How would you even know?
I get traces of spring in the air and in my heart, but the snow is still quite apparently with us. March will be here soon enough.

10. Make up a new word to replace any 'four letter word' and share it with us in a sentence so we can use it too. You don't have to tell us what the 'four letter word is'. We can guess it.
Fiddledeedee it sucks that Bud is in the hospital.


  1. Bud is in the hospital??? Or just an example? I totally forgot about Ashley....that was stupid. There is no way she's going to last. Of course, they passed a whole lot through after they forgot their words even though that was promised to be instant death.

  2. Yes, Bud went into the hospital Saturday, after a 7 hour ordeal in the ER for both of us. He will be there until about Wednesday. Thanks for asking. : ) Yep, the words are important, but I see now they have a list of songs they have to select from on AI, so it's not like they can use a song they know. Have a great week Stacy Lynn!

  3. I agree with your #7.

  4. Fiddle dee dee and a Happy Birthday, my love...

  5.'s your birthday!!!!!!
    So sweet!!!! I hope you get your Bud real soon :)

    Thanks for playing!

  6. It's your birthday?! Well, I hope you have a happy one...except for the whole Bud in the hospital thing.

    Feel better Bud!

  7. Happy Birthday Kathy! I'm with you on Ashley, the girl is her own worst enemy. If she's like that all the time it's a wonder she has a boyfriend.

    Who do you have hopes for? So far I'm liking Brett Loewenstern (Even though he reminds me of freaking Carrot Top.), Casey Abrams, Jacee Badeaux, James Durbin (Reminds me of Adam Lambert.), Lauren Alaina, and a few others.