Saturday, February 12, 2011

SATURDAY 9 meme: I Saw It On TV

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What Sam's committed to her readers is that she will post 9 questions every Saturday.

Saturday 9: I Saw It on TV

1. What new TV show rocks your world this year?
Outsourced and American Idol this week.

2. What is your least favorite ethnic food, and what makes it your least favorite?
Sushi...blechh. Raw dead fish.

3. When does liking someone a lot become loving that person?
You just KNOW.
 4. Is there a job you would do for free, and is it your current job?
Writing Blog posts. I still help out at The 1896 House homepage where I have 2 blogs running.

5. What is one person/thing that inspired you to take action of some sort?
Bud inspired me to clean up my act financially and ethically.

6. Though you might not believe in it, would you like fate to exist?
It does. I'd like it to be a positive thing.

7. Tell us about a news story that truly shocked you.
Anytime there is abuse of animals or elderly people, I am mortified.

8. What's something you're looking forward to?
Dinner tonight with Bud. It's our V' Day earlybird dinner.

9. What characteristics do you despise?
Being Rude, Lazy, Close-minded and Cheap. Someone who does not show appreciation for what others do for them.


  1. I think you and Bud and are so sweet and sexy and inspiring. I love when you guys mention one another in your posts.

  2. Happy Valentines weekend! And I agree with your #3--you know when you know.

  3. Bud inspired you? He inspires me to stay the heck out of France and Alaska.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Thanks Gal! He is sweet in person...most of the time. ;-) Bud-Yes, I'll be your Hallmark partner. Alison, Harriet, happy weekend to you too! Thanks for reading my answers! : )