Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today we picked Duran Duran. The song titles are in bold caps and the lyrics are in bold. Here's Rock 'n Roll Fridays!

1. WILD BOYS: “You got sirens for a welcome, there’s bloodstain for your pain and your telephone been ringin while you’re dancing in the rain” If you have been in a car accident, what happened?
I was changing songs on the portable CD "Walkman" I was wearing. It was many years ago.. I was in moving traffic at the time, but when I .looked up...BANG! POW! Slammed into the car ahead of me in a long stopped line of traffic. At the toll booth line on the MA Pike. The force was so hard, the headset came off my head and wrapped several times around the steering wheel. I was sore, but no injury. Both cars were damaged, but no ticket issued by the kindly cop. I remember seeing all that DUST rise like a cloud...where does that dust and dirt come from? I have a perfect driving record otherwise.

2. UNION OF THE SNAKE: “There’s a fine line drawing my senses together and I think it’s about to break. If I listen close I can hear them singers, oh oh oh! Voices in your body coming thru on the radio, ho ho.” Do you believe people hear voices or have guardian angels?
Yep, and they need therapy. No, actually, I think they may be communicating on another level with a universal spirit. We call things what we call them. Some say prayer, some say spell. Some say mass, some say ritual, so yes, I think there IS something out there. Voices? Not so much however.

3. SAVE A PRAYER: “You saw me standing by the wall, corner of a main street and the lights were flashin on your windowsill. All alone ain’t much fun, so you’re lookin for the thrill and you know just what it takes and where to go." Where is a happening place for you to go?

4. RIO: “I’ve seen you on the beach and I’ve seen you on TV two of a billion stars, it means so much to me, like a birthday or a pretty view but then I’m sure you know it’s just for you”. Who do you admire based solely on their appearance?
Celebrity person: Meg Ryan. Normal life person: Bud.

5. THE REFLEX: “You gone too far this time, but I’m dancing on the valentine. I tell you somebody’s fooling around with my chances on the dangerline. I’ll cross that bridge when I find it another day to make my stand". What is the worst thing a lover has done that you forgave them for?
He made me cry.

6. ORDINARY WORLD: “Well now pride’s gone out the window cross the rooftops, run away, left me in the vacuum of my heart. What is happening to me? Crazy, some’d say, 'Where is my friend when I needed you most?' Gone away.” Do you still keep in touch with your best friend from high school/university?
Nope. It sort of breaks my heart. I spent hours on the phone with 2 very close friends. I thought we would be friends forever. We took different paths after HS, and never spoke again. I HAVE talked with neighbors and other school friends and ex-boyfriends on FaceBook, which is a terrific medium to find out if someone is still alive or not.

7. NEW MOON ON MONDAY: “Last time la luna. I light my torch and wave it for the New moon on Monday and a firedance through the night. I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite.” Does the full moon make you act crazy?
Yep. And hot flashes. And country music on the overhead.

8. KHANADA: “Don't play with me, I've nothing to lose Khanada I'll get by. It ain't no ones day, coming so soon Khanada I'll get by. I dont believe in dragons or blues Khanada I'll get by. I don't believe in nobody's rules Khanada I'll get by” Do you believe in dragons or blues?
Only the real biological species, not fantasy dragons. I believe in the blues. A good cry is very cleansing and bad stuff happening balances out the good things in life. It makes you complete to experience the full spectrum of emotion.

9. HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF: “In touch with the ground. I'm on the hunt, I'm after you. Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd and I'm hungry like the wolf” What do you smell like right now?
Spilled White Zinfandel, but usually orange body wash. I have a variety of perfume scents, but rotate them. Girly stuff like Shalimar, Samsara and the newest VS assortment.

10. HOLD BACK THE RAIN: “Okay go off and wander. I'm guilty just the same. Sometimes you're needed badly, so please come back again” What are you recently guilty about?
Financial issues....loooong story!

11. GIRLS ON FILM: “There's a camera rolling on her back on her back and I sense the rhythms humming in a frenzy all the way down her spine” If offered 1 Million dollars, would you pose nude or appear in a porn film?
Sure....ummm...wait...not so fast. What kind of photo and Who will see it? Umm...No on the porn ain't pretty at MY age!!

12. ELECTRIC BARBARELLA: “People say they heard about our deviation. But you never looked so good. Wear the fake fur for me and put on your mysteryHave you ever worn real fur or would you if it were a gift?
NO and will never. I once wiped kethup soaked french fries on a woman's sable on a crowded Boston subway.

13. COME UNDONE: “Mine, immaculate dream, made breath and skin, I've been waiting for you, Signed, with a home tattoo, Happy birthday to you was created for you” Do you have a tattoo and if so, please describe it. If you don’t, describe what you would get if you changed your mind about it.
Yep. I got it on my birthday... I had turned 50 years old. I designed it myself 6 months earlier and the tattoo artist and I exchanged e-mails updating all the details right up to the day. It depicts a pile of autumn leaves with 3 symbols that mean a lot to me hovering in them. I had reached the "Autumn" of my years.  Autumn leaves are my favorite thing in the world. It's on the back of my neck. I had considered having a monarch butterfly representing my mother flitter off from it and be on my shoulder, but decided I do not want my mother watching me all the time, lol.


  1. Good choice about not wanting your mom watching you every moment. I got my tattoo for my 45th birthday. Decided it was now or never.

  2. I love my tattoo and hope you like yours. It's weird but once you get one, you want another. Thanks for playing! : )

  3. Kathy you are a sister Goddess along with Debster, Shawnna and Ace, I love your sense of humour and high five that we both are Duran Duran "groupies" ;) Your tatt. sounds lovely..and it sounds like you put a lot of soul into the vision of it. I think that getting a tatt. on your birthday is a wonderful present to yourself. I've gotten mine at some turning point of my life. And yes, home is where it's all happening. No more crazy Duran concerts for me, lol...I'd love to see a Beach Boys Rock'n'Roll Friday if they haven't already been picked. So glad you're hosting it along with Janera.

  4. flashes....gggrrrrr....

    Have a great Friday!

  5. LOL Harriet! heehee...and I loved your Barbie comment BTW.
    Yes Wendy, Beach Boys are coming up for you sister...probably will be towards late October. The line up is set so far....newer then older rotating. Next week it's Bob Dylan, week after it's Smashing Pumpkins, week after it's Led Zeppelin...and so on...of course the highlight will be the Beatles friday, where I plan to do a double-album of questions (26). There are so many bands and singers! Thanks for your interest everyone!

  6. Smashing Pumpkins cool!

    I thought the blues was some mystical creature(Like the dragon) until I started reading others answers...LOL!

  7. Someone made you cry? Was he telling good jokes? ;) "I have a perfect driving record otherwise." Other than my divorces, I was a perfect husband...

  8. Citrus scents are in my rotation of "girly things". I'm so glad you're contributing to Rock and Roll Fridays. I don't need the moon to tell me when to act crazy...PMS does that for me.

    Cheers to you and Bud. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You have a great weekend too Debster! We are going to see Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & The Raiders at the BIG E New England State Fair tomorrow. Christiejolu, lol on the "blue"...I should have asked one or the other not both because they are so very different... thanks for reading my answers!

  10. Bud, I am an excellent driver and I'm glad you are divorced...