Saturday, September 18, 2010

SATURDAY 9 MEME: Don't Let The Sun...

OK, it's Saturday already? Here is today's meme from Sam...

Saturday 9: Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

1. When was the last time you cried?
When I laughed the other night...I cry when I laugh hard.

2. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent, what would it be?
Playing the drums.

3. Who is someone (other than yourself) would you like to go back into your past and talk to and why?
My 7th grade teacher, little old Miss Devany. She was extraordinary. I was so silly at that age and stupid, I didn't appreciate her teaching methods, which were the best of any teacher I ever had. It was english grammar class, but she used history, geography and science examples in high spirited contests to add impact to the lessons. She passed away before I could thank her. I wish I never made fun of her back then.

4. What is your favorite meal eating out?
Prime Rib or anything being paid for by someone else...

5. Do you feel energized or drained by being in a group situation? If the answer is "it depends," on what does it depend?
I was recently playing a board game with 5 other adults and felt energized, but crowds at The Big E State Fair are draining.

6. What word do you use far too frequently?

7. What’s a word you’ve invented? (alternate question: What needs a word but doesn’t have one yet?)
Oh, you mean a sniglet?  "GIRTHAPHOBIC"...people who are prejudice to large size bodies.

8. Pick out one of your favorite songs. Go to Song Facts and tell us about the song's history.
So labor intensive a question! My song is ALWAYS AND is my favorite "slow" song. I cut n pasted from the site, so there! "This romantic ballad was not the highest-charting of Heatwave's songs (that would be "Boogie Nights "), but it was the most enduring of them. Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, this song was played at every high school dance in the United States."

9. What is your absolute favorite piece of furniture you have and why?
Oh geez...nothing comes to mind since I sold most of my furniture when I moved in with about the refrigerator? Wait, no, that's an appliance....umm...err...the bed? Why? I have the most fun there of any piece of furniture in the man-cave.


  1. Enjoyed reading your answers :)

  2. Yeah, another member of the 'Bed Club'! If you can get me laughing hard enough I cry too, didn't think of that one as an answer. Of course, if I laugh too hard for too long then I stop breathing...probably not a good thing. Though it you can get me to that point, you know you're super funny.

  3. Didn't Pip sing that song in Napoleon Dynamite?

    Have a great Saturday!

  4. Always and Forever by Heatwave was a staple during high school dances. Love that song. If Stephen Colbert can get Truthiness to be a word, then Girthaphobic totally has legs.

    Enjoy your weekend. Love the new layout of your corner!

  5. Your new blog look is gorgeous, Kathy! It fits your gypsy soul. Your new word should be written in the Urban Dictionary, it's wonderful!!

  6. Shawnna, thanks for reading. : ) Yeppers we laugh-criers are abundant!

  7. Thanks Debster! Ya, I liked Luther Vandroos's version better than Heatwave's and always wanted that to be a wedding song. I didn't use it for my wedding, but maybe in the future sometime...have a terrific weekend!

  8. Thanks Wendy! Coral and Orange ar emy fav colors, so decided to repaint my wall, lol. Have a great weekend!

  9. What a sweet story about your grade school teacher! I hope they all appreciate the positive impact they had (except for Mrs. Ziolkowski, who was my second grade teacher and I still think she was a bitch).

  10. BWAHAHAH on GIRTHAPHOBIC I so love it. LOL Interesting that you would want to play the drums....I would have never thought of that. Thanks for stopping by my playground. I really appreciate it :) Have a great Saturday :)

  11. Thanks Gal...isn't it funny how we Soooo remember some teachers and others are just names and grades? Thanks for reading! : )

  12. Thanks THOM! I feel honored you visited. : ) I actually made up that word to describe someone I met recently who had brought someone else to tears with their "fat" comments... I love your blog answers and appreciate your input! Have a nice Sunday!