Sunday, November 7, 2010

MONDAY MAYHEM meme: Versatile Blogger

Today's meme is based upon the Versatile Blogger award which was recently passed on to us.

The requirement of the award is to list 7 things that you haven't mentioned before.
1. My Gastric Bypass Surgery
2. I used to play Trumpet really well
3. I believe in Reincarnation
4. I worked as a Glamour Portrait photographer and film developer
5. I hate Hazelnut flavor
6. I worked as a Bartender for many years
7. I had a Hysterectomy because I REALLY didn't want to have children...ever

The last 3 questions of today's Monday Mayhem are donated questions for Thursday Thunks which seems to be possibly having issues acquiring questions....simply answer each prompt with a usable question. Thursday Thunks appreciates random and silly questions as much as the real kind. If they don't care about keeping up with it, I won't care about answering...

8. Comparing , such as apples and oranges.
I love apples. I bake with them and eat them raw. I even like MacIntosh candle scent! I especially love MacIntosh apples, which I slice and dip into warm caramel. Question is: How did you recently use an apple?

9. Politicians.
Democrat, Green and Independent. I generally do not vote Republican, tho I did vote for Linda McMahon for Senate this past week. Question is: If you could pick a candidate for Senate, who would it be?

10. The oddest food you've ever heard of or tasted.
I would never taste either, but Trufles (the fungi, not the chocolate kind) and Rocky Mountain Oysters are the weirdest food. The worst "food" is dog. I cannot believe people eat puppies somewhere in the world. Question is: What is the oddest food you have ever eaten?


  1. Oysters> Yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. #7, I really wouldn't mind having that one done myself. That would also eliminate the oh so annoying monthly gift.

    #10, I just knew someone was going to mention the Oysters. LOL.

  3. Hi! I used to play trumpet, although not very well, hehe. I also used to be a bartender, darn, I shoulda put that one on mine.

    What was the weirdest thing you ever had to photograph for Glamor Shots?

  4. Damn the oysters. You think he'd own an oyster farm too. You did mention some interesting facts about you. Good for you with the weight loss. That must have been something else to go through. On the trumpet thing, we're a sax family here. Can't tell you how many dusty saxophones are sitting around my house.Which takes me to the reason why you had a Hysterectomy :()