Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi I'm DJ KathyA! Welcome to Rock 'n Roll Fridays. We are like other memes in that we will ask you thirteen questions each and every Friday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a singer, band, era or category and pick thirteen of their songs. Each of our questions will be based on the lyrics. Got it? Great! Let's begin this week's meme!
Today we picked Stevie Wonder.

1. I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU “I just called to say I love you. I just called to say how much I care. I just called to say I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart”
What did your last conversation revolve around on the phone?
Bud spoke with me just before he went to a Huskies basketball game.

2. SUPERSTITION “When you believe in things That you don't understand, Then you suffer, Superstition aint the way”
Do you have a crazy habit or superstition you must perform in certain situations, such as throwing salt over your should when you spill it?
If I forget something after I've left the house, I have to sit down and count to 10 before I get it. I also throw salt over my shoulder after I spill it.

3. SIR DUKE “Music knows it is and always will Be one of the things that life just won't quit But here are some of music's pioneers That time will not allow us to forget”
If you had to pick a music milestone event or invention, what would it be?
A tie between Woodstock and The Beatles on Sullivan.

4. YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE “You are the sunshine of my life, yeah, That's why I'll always stay around, You are the apple of my eye, Forever you'll stay in my heart”
What besides your significant other brings sunshine to your life?

5. LIVING FOR THE CITY “Her brother's smart he's got more sense than many, His patience's long but soon he won't have any, To find a job is like a haystack needle, Cause where he lives they don't use colored people”
Have you ever been denied a job or treated differently at a job for an unusual reason?
I was alienated by the born again boss in a high end photo studio because I was not a christian. He and I had to work closely and he made my life at work so miserable, I quit, which is what he wanted.

6. THAT GIRL “That girl thinks that she's so smart, That soon she'll have my heart. She thinks in no time flat, That she'll be free and clear to start”
Ever been pursued by someone who wanted you but you didn’t want them?
Ohhhh yaaa...mostly the guys I'd meet for coffee but never again wanted to see them.

7. I WISH “I wish those days could come back once more, Why did those days ev-er have to go I wish those days could come back once more, Why did those days ev-er have to go Cause I love them so”
What era of your life do you miss the most?

8. HIGHER GROUND “Powers keep on lyin', While your people keep on dyin', World keep on turnin' Cause it won't be too long”
Do you believe global warming will continue to worsen?

9. PART TIME LOVER ”We are undercover passion on the run. Chasing love up against the sun, We are strangers by day, lovers by night. Knowing it's so wrong, but feeling so right.”
Have you ever dated someone you shouldn’t have because they were married or “taken”?
Yep...but never again. See Question # 10.

10. SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED ”Then that time I went and said goodbye, Now I'm back and not ashamed to cry. Oo, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!”
Ever try it again with an old flame? What happened?
I ran into my high school senior prom date/steady boyfriend a few years ago. He was unhappily married and we really enjoyed talking about our school days/dates. Had a bit of a month long fling, as he promised he would leave his wife when his youngest went to college in a couple years...then his wife called while we were together and I realized he was just a dog and I walked out. Never again.

11. MY CHERIE AMOUR “Maybe someday, you'll see my face among the crowd. Maybe someday, I'll share your little distant cloud. Oh, cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore, You're the only girl my heart beats for, How I wish that you were mine”
Who was your very first crush? Did they return the emotion?
I had a crush on both Herb Alpert and Captain Kirk at the same time as a child. Neither ever met me, but when I lived in L.A. I knew one of Herb's top executives at A & M who offered to introduce us. I chickened out. I'm kicking myself now.

12. GOLDEN LADY “Golden lady, golden lady I'd like to go there. Take me right away.”
Ever get a tanning salon/ fake tan? Do you still worship the sun?
I used to lay out in the sun to get nice and toasty light brown to show off my disco dresses...tried a sunlamp and got terribly burned. Sunned in a salon only a few times about 9 years ago. Now that we know this is dangerous, why would anyone be that stoopid?

13. ALL IN LOVE IS FAIR “I tossed my coin to say In love with me you'd stay. But all in war is so cold You either win or lose. When all is put away, The losing side I'll play. But all is fair in love…”
What is the worst aspect of breaking up/divorce?
Starting over...or at least, think you are going to have to start over. It's never as bad as staying too long with the wrong person would be.


  1. I never knew that you counted to ten. I mean as a superstition. Staying too long with someone does bite the BIG one...

  2. Very honest answers. I loved reading them.

    I totally agree with your answer on #13.

  3. #5 what an a**hat. Religion should have nothing to do with where or how you work. #13, yeah I can see how that'd be a problem. Especially since now you'll be twice as cautious with the next potential guy. Have a great weekend!