Monday, October 25, 2010

MONDAY MAYHEM meme: Ya Ticked Off?

Are ya ticked off?

Welcome to yet another week of Monday Mayhem.
This week's meme is the ticked off meme.

1. What ticked you off last week while you were on your way somewhere?

My flu was starting to become worse and my coughing was embarrassing. I had a job interview and I barely could breathe.

2. Who in your house really ticked you off and how did they do it?
There is only one other person here, and generally he is good.
3. What politician or political event really ticked you off last week?

Anything with the Tea Party and anything with our two senate candidates McMahon and Blumenthal.
4. Tell us what ticked you off on TV last week.

Too much sports. But that is any week.
5. What ticked you off online last week?

My windows explorer went funky and all my toolbars went black, so I had to install Mozilla Firefox which I don't like for my browser.

6. What celebrity ticked you off last week and how?

Nothing matters to me what celebrities do.
7. Tell us something food related that really ticked you off.

The bag of fresh rolls got left open in the fridge and they all went stale before we could eat even one of them...

Thank's for playing!
Try NOT to have a ticked off day :)


  1. ACK!!! I hope you are feeling better my friend. Generally you say...hmmm...Good old Bud :) Think Google Chrome Baby!!! It's the bomb. I haven't used IE for years and am glad I don't. Get better soon and I hope the interview went well despite.

  2. I'm using Chrome right now. I usually run Chrome and FF. IE stinks!

    Hope you are better soon!

    Thanks for playing!