Friday, October 29, 2010


Saturday 9: Elected

1. Many of my friends have commented they cannot discuss politics with co-workers, family, friends and others without conflict rearing its ugly head. Do you feel you can talk with your family and friends about this particularly divisive election?
Nah. Not interested at all.

2. Do you know who you're voting for in next week's election? How did you decide?
Nope. Not happy with the ad campaigns that they have run this year.

 3. What do you think is the most important issue in next Tuesday's election?
It is more that the Tea Party does NOT get in, than issues.

 4. Can you go a day without laughing?

5. Do you think that you can chose who you want to love?
As opposed to an arranged marriage?

6. Have you ever been on stage? For what?
At age 4-6 in dance recitals and baton twirling competitions, 6th-12th grades in the Band and Orchestra and Stage band, at age 11 in Dick Whittington as a prostitute and a dancing girl, at age 15 in a dance production of Slaughter on 10th Avenue as a Prostitute, at ages 18 thru 20 as a Foxy Lady contestant, at 25 in a group dance dressed as a California raisin, and in my 30s numerous times as a DJ in a club. At 37 for the wedding (does that count?!).

7. Would you ever live in a different country? If yes, where?
I lived in London, England from 1986-1989. I managed to get such a strong mid-Atlantic accent, the Americans who visited thought I was English, but the English knew I was American. Talk about a half breed! I loved living there, but it made me appreciate American life all the more. Happy to be back, but I do get homesick for England at least once a year. Been back for a visit twice since I lived there.

 8. Any plans for Halloween?
Handing out candy I suppose. Had thought I would convince Bud to be a Pope and myself a Nun for a stroll around the Keene Pumpkin Fest, but we are both not feeling well and it's gotten COLD outside this weekend.

9. The last costume that you wore, what was it and why did you choose it?
I was a rennaissance wench. It was a costume I wore to a King Richard Faire, so it was a 2nd use for it. I wore it to work. Lots of fun.


  1. How cool that you lived abroad. When you go back to England, do you find the accent creeping back?

  2. You gotta get pictures of the Pope! heehee
    Tea party....

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks Gal. : ) Yep, I find I go into "accent" regardless if I'm talking with a deep southern accent person or a California Valley girl, I naturally imitate the accent of whom I am speaking with. I always revert to the Brit accent when speaking to anyone in the Queen's countries. Thanks for reading my answers!

  4. Harriet, sure wish we had gone. We are both feeling under the weather right now. I am at the tail end of my flu and the Bud man is beginning his cold/flu thingy. We are staying in tonight and handing out candy to the neighbor kids. Thanks for reading! : )