Thursday, October 28, 2010


Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson

Hi I'm DJ KathyA! Welcome to Rock 'n Roll Fridays. We are like other memes in that we will ask you thirteen questions each and every Friday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a singer, band, era or category and pick thirteen of their lyrics. Each of our questions will be based on the lyrics.
Today we picked A Halloween Treat: Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson.


1. SCHOOL’S OUT : “School’s out for summer. School’s out forever…”
What was your best summer vacation memory as a child?
When I was 16 and attending Band Camp. I was camp trumpeter and woke up late every morning. Instead of Reville being played, most people awoke to me running to the field shouting "Oh Sh$#, it's 7 O'Clock!"

2. BILLION DOLLAR BABIES : “Billion dollar baby, I got you in a dimestore
No other little girl could ever Hold you any tighter, any tighter than me baby”
What was the last thing you remember buying in a dimestore?
It was probably photo albums...of course this was before acid-free papers and UV protection. All my photos stuck in those gluey albums over time meshed with the pages and were a nightmare to remove later on.

3. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE : “Welcome to my breakdown,
I hope I didn't scare you. That's just the way we are, When you come down!
We sweat laugh and scream here, Cause laugh is just a dream here…”
Can you tell us about a nightmare you have had recently?
I was walking through a park and a T Rex was in the area looking for me. I was not able to find a good hiding place. I awoke in terror and sweat. I've had this dream several times. The landscape changes, but it is always a T Rex type of monster-dinosaur and it is looking for something to eat.

4. ELECTED : “We're gonna win this one, take the country by storm
We're gonna be elected, You and me together, young and strong”
Democrats, Republicans or Tea Party? Who will sweep the elections?
Dems I hope. I never vote a straight ticket myself, but I hope none of the tea party idiots get in.

5. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY : “My dog bit me on the leg today
My cat clawed my eye, Mom's been thrown out of the social circles, And dad has to hide…”
Have you ever done something that embarrassed your family?
When I got married, it was an actual news feature put in the papers because I had a traditional Pagan wedding with Wiccans (witches) officiating. Witchcraft is recognized as a legal religion in CT, and Wiccans are considered legal clergy, so it was quite valid. My mother had threatened to boycott, but she came anyway, and my father didn't understand why I didn't marry in a " regla church" like "normal" people do. My mother told me I embarrassed the whole family. It was a cool and loving ceremony. The only bad part was the marriage afterwards. lol

6. SICK THINGS : “Sick things, in cars, rotate round. My stars. Sick things. Pretty things…”
Have you ever been motion sick? Was it in a car, on a plane, or on a boat?
All 3. I get sick if I read in a car. I get sick anytime I am in a plane, and I won't go on a boat after getting sick crossing the Irish Sea in a cruise ship.

7. I LOVE THE DEAD : “I love the dead before they’re cold, their blueing flesh for me to hold. Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing. I love the dead before they rise, No farewells, no goodbyes…”
What celebrity death really bothered you?
Michael Jackson. Since his hair fire in the Pepsi commercial, he was dealing with severe chronic pain in his skull and thus began his horrible journey with drugs. His "people" tried to help, but he could not deal, and I'm not sure any normal person could have been as creative and talented as he was in the years since. I can also pinpoint the Pepsi commercial era as the beginning of his weird personality changes. Say what you will about his odd behavior, I miss him.

8. SCIENCE FICTION : “Forever I’ll enjoy your under-achievement, I gonna see you every day now if I can, Why then don't the night show really matters, I still wake on the fields of regret”
What is your favorite science fiction movie?
Anything they showed and made fun of on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. My favorite TV show of all time! I love Galaxy Qwest and Star Trek movies also.


9. WHITE KNUCKLES : Fistfuls of you… You pulled me through with white knuckles…
Fistfuls of you”
Has someone ever grabbed you to save you from a dangerous situation?

10. THIS IS HALLOWEEN : “I am the clown with the tear-away face
Here in a flash and gone without a trace. I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"
I am the wind blowing through your hair. I am the shadow on the moon at night
Filling your dreams to the brim with fright”
What is the oddest thing you ever did on Halloween?
I worked as a bartender at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Los Halloween was dressed as a Heinekin bottle! I drove home in costume and on the way, saw some children sleeping on a park bench. Scared they were lost or runaways, I stopped in a panic to tell a policeman who was parked up the street. He laughed and pointed at me to his partner and it took me several tries to get him to listen to my real concern. They thought I was a joke. My face was painted green and I had a beer cap on my head. I was so frustrated that he wouldn't "save" the children. He said "let them sleep, their parents know about it and go home and get some sleep yourself. This is their world".  This was my first look at children of homeless people. I could not believe that kids lived on the street in a city like L.A.

11. THE WOW : “I’m worse than what you think you’d catch from me. Complicated’s understated. Did you stop and take a look at who you fell in love with?”
Have you ever been through a divorce?
Ooooh yaaa... and it was a terrible time. 

12. THE FOOD PYRAMID : “Everybody! My body is a pyramid that's made of healthy food so do what we say (yeah) eat right every day (food) I love you.”
What does your food pyramid look like?
LOTS of carbs and sugar, some protein, some veggies and fruits and alcohol.

13. THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE : “Hey you, what do you see?
Something beautiful, something free? Hey you, why you trying to be mean?
You live with apes man, it's hard to be clean”
What makes a person beautiful?
Inner beauty, humor and kindness.


  1. Do you have pics of that beer bottle? I'd love to post them! ;)

  2. LOL @ #1. #4, yeah I agree Dems are best. Have a great weekend Kathy!

  3. Yep Bud. I'll find em this week. Shawnna thanks for reading and you have a super weekend!