Thursday, October 7, 2010


Thursday Thunks: Sneaking Out

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of a pumpkin pie and the number 3333.

1. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who were you meeting and why?
I was 3 and I walked down the street to Pfizer because they had a big tent over a construction area and I thought it was a circus and my parents wouldn't take me. My father scoured the beach area and my mother drove by Pfizer...she found me in  the guard shack eating candy and laughing with the guard.

2. Tell us about the last time that you got your heart broken. Extra points if you publish their naked photo.
I took the Airedales at the 1896 House (my ex-job) for a walk (last time) and knew I would probably never do it again. It broke my heart to leave them and the area. They were looking at me like they knew.

3. Tell us about someone you know named Bob. (Yes, we know this is a stupid question. Stupid is what we do best.)
My brother is Bob. One of the funniest guys on the planet, very resourceful and quite a con artist...err...salesman.

4. We just found the perfect retail space. We are giving you the store. What’s its name and what do you sell?
SokStuff. I had a craft business by that name for years and of course plan to sell my handmade stuffed toys and my childrens books there, along with canned jams and cookies I make.

5. Tell us about your last “friend with benefits".
 6. Kimber worries a lot. What was the last thing that you worried about?
Well the LAST thing I worried about was that the grocery total would be more than the $15 and change I had in my wallet...or I would have to put something back and be humiliated. : (

7. Do you believe “once a cheater, always a cheater”?
Depends on what kind of cheat it is. Ethics at work or wife-husband cheating? If at work, a cheat is a crime. Wife-Husband cheating has too many variables.

8. Tell us about moving out of your parent’s home. Who did you move in with?
The ARMY. I was in barracks with many other women whom did not share my upbringing or my hygeine was quite an eye opener for a smalltown Yankee gal.

9. What was your most recent regret?
Not budgeting this week.

10. Berleen recently ranted on face book about having to go to parent-teacher conferences when your child has great grades. What was the stupidest meeting that you most recently endured?
A job interview with someone who did not know how to ask questions.

11. Do you collect anything?
Not any more...not into material stuff unless you count music...I have tons.

 12. Has anyone ever told you that you were in the wrong job?
Ohhhh Yaaaa....

13. Is there something that you’d like to complete before the end of 2010?
Be settled into a great job and have the mancave painted and prepped for the holidays.


  1. Who needs a budget. Spend all Bud's money. LOL

  2. Workin on it Thom...but he expects something in return... nod nod wink wink. ;-)

  3. The Army. I wish they shot The Movie...