Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Mayhem- the Tag and the Tagee

Today we are playing a modification of a tag- the 8's tag. By 'modifications' we mean Harriet edited out some of the questions she never wants to see again

1. Are you living the dream??
Romantically, yes. My recent unemployment has put a huge damper on many areas of my life, and I still am fighting the flu, so in general, NO.

2. Is this what you imagined your life would be like?
I could not even imagine being 52 years old, dating still with no kids or grandkids... so glad I am still somewhat hip and have a remnant of looks left, despite having been assaulted by wrinkles and age spots. I also thought my "live for today" gypsy attitude would have been way gone by now...

3. I'm coming for dinner, what will you make for me??
An assortment of appetizers and finger foods with pre-dinner cocktails, then pot roast, homemade gravy and mashed potatoes, steamed fresh carrots with butter sauce, perhaps some of my homemade mac n cheese, hot crusty
 bread and some swank dessert like my homemade Boston Cream Pie. - OR - If you are vegetarian, I'll serve non-meat apps, then steamed veggies and rice and my famous oatmeal-walnut burgers. Dessert will be a fresh cinnamon peach cobbler with gourmet non-dairy ice cream.

4. What's your favorite cuss word?

5. Tell me one thing you would change about anyone's blog and why?
That is like asking me to change the person. We all have blogs that we think reflects who we are. I have no right to critique another person's blog. That being said, I hate music that plays automatically (especially country) and I hate capcha codes before your comment is shown.

6. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
I really want to live my life, not be keyboarding all day. I am hopelessly glued to these things like a crack addict. Thanks Bud.

7. What's your favorite tv show this season? I need a new show! :)
OUTSOURCED! It comes on NBC Thursday evenings. It's about an American guy (nice guy - and cute) who is sent to India to run an office of customer service phone reps (Indians in various stereotyped roles) and tries to adapt to Indian life, while he explains American life to them. The company sells American novelties (toilet seat mugs, singing deerheads, wild t-shirts, Mistletoe belts, etc) which add to the funny lines. 

Many Americans in real life have taken a stand against this show and I fear they may cancel because of it. The sensitive issue of outsourcing taking US jobs bothers us all, but this show is really funny and so educational and culturally enlightening, that it surpasses anything offensive in the concept. I love it because it reminds me of a branch office my ex company had in the same Indian city this is filmed in.

I love the Indian culture and much gets revealed in a 30 minute show. Belly laughs.
Bud said it well when he compared it with Scrubs...many people lose loved ones who die in hospitals every day, so why is Scrubs still funny? People need to lighten up when it comes to other countries in TV shows.

8. What's your favorite 'down' time {nothing computer related}?
Why am I hearing Bud's answer to this question in my head?... and it ain't pretty! ummm....well MY favorite downtime activity has to do with listening to music and long drives in the country, and walking and pointing at things.


  1. We're both on crack it seems...
    I'll be over at 6:30 for dinner :)
    Make sure what's his name is decent.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Better Harriet come to your house for dinner than mine LOL Oh I so hear you on number 8 LOL Too funny. Have a great week ahead :)

  3. The music that comes up automatically always surprises me because I listen to podcasts while I blog...they're usually just people talking and I think I'm hearing things. I just turn the speakers on the computer off.

    I'm right behind Harriet for dinner, BTW. I'll bring the dessert! And Budrick doesn't have to get gussied up for me. I just made a Boston Creme Pie last night for Mr. Bears' birthday.

    Feel better soon, Kathy A!

  4. Wow...I'm going to have to wear my stretchy pants to dinner.

    Outsourced is another new show I want to see but haven't managed to catch yet. :(

    Hope the flu hits the road pretty soon.

  5. Thanks everyone for your well wishing. : ) I appreciate that. Have a great week,