Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thursday Thunks: I See Dead People

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of a bad back and the 28.

1. Berleen is sending you away again. You can travel anywhere in the world; one destination per day from Friday through Monday. Where do you go and why?
1. LONDON My fav city in the world. 2. LIVERPOOL, To see Beatles memories. 3. BRUGGE, BELGIUM A place I love from visiting back in the 90s. 4. BRUSSELS To go back to the Grande Plac and Atomium that I visited in the 90s. 5. PARIS Just to say I did. 6. ZURICH To revisit the Matterhorn. 7. THE RHINE To take a cruise on it.

2. Would you keep a secret from the closest person to you if you thought it was in their best interest?

3. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you that you have not revealed in some other crazy meme.
I paid money to a probate judge to change my first, middle and last names are all totally ficticious.

4. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the 'world peace etc' BS) - what are they?
1. Be financially stable enough not too have to work ever again.
2. Stay in good health.
3. Live in a larger place with the MAN, a maid and a chef.

5. If you could change anything about your living situation, would you?

6. Who is your favorite character from a comic strip? Please post one strip for us to laugh at.
Mr. Lynch did a cartoon strip in a free L.A> publication in the 1980s called THE ANGRIEST DOG IN THE WORLD. Each week, this angry dog would growl at the edge of his chain until nightfall while he listened to his clueless owners banter about pop culture. His position and each frame of the cartoon remained exactly the same each week. Only the owners chat was changed. It's a little "out there", but I have a warped sense of humor.

7. Now we have found you dead. What five people do you want to MEET in Heaven?
Well err... I don't believe in heaven, so I don't plan to be there. To humor the questioner: I'd like to "cross paths again" with the souls of my mother, and 4 other interesting people... I honestly have not thought about it too much. 

8. So since you are dead, what will the title of your life story be?
Closet Punk.

9. Word association time! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word pleasure?
Ice Cream!

10. Kimber is by the Arizona ocean. She finds a message in a bottle. What does it say?
Dinosaurs roamed the earth in the desert (former swamp) where this bottle was found. What ocean?

11. Would you like to guest host Thunks one week? Answer “yes” here and email us here! If the answer is “no” who do you think would be a great guest host?
No, I have a life outside of memes thank you...


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  2. LOL Closet punk screaming for ice cream in Paris while reading lynch. I can so picture it. Great answers but no Honolulu. I'm crushed. Great answers.

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  4. LOL...Thom try again, really. Thanks for your loyalty. ;-)

  5. #7!!!! OH yes.
    Once you're dead, you're dead.

    Kinda like my profile quote. Well, it is...if you think about it long enough. rofl.

    So, we're all wondering just what the heck Thom was drinking last night? Hmmmmmm?

  6. I've been on the Rhine - very beautiful area :)

  7. I think I want you and Bud to plan my next vacation. You've made me want to go to Europe.

  8. I had no idea David Lynch did a comic strip. And you have a life outside memes?...wish I did. LOL. If Berleen sends us away at the same time I could meet up with you in London. LOL.

    Have a great Thursday!

  9. Wait...DJ isn't your real name?
    Well, at least your first name isn't French and you last name isn't twin....

  10. I wouldn't let bud do the interviews for the maid and chef.... just sayin...

  11. LOL! Thanks everyone for your comments. : )