Thursday, January 13, 2011

DATING PROFILES meme: Can't Find the Words

Thursday Dating Profiles: Can't Find the Words

1. Can't find words to describe myself. Just writing this because it was a requirement.
I have to wonder how appealing this is to prospective mate?

2. I'm quirky, have a twisted sense of humor, I'm really boring and caffeine-addicted.
Hardee har sound like a laugh a minute.

3. I am submissive..we!!!
We love submissive...we-o! Looks great for a potential long term partner if you live in one of those countries where women are traded like yak.

4. You will need to be affectionate cos I am, and share my values and passions....I know its a big ask, but I know you are out there..wherever you are...and I know you are not far away...
It's a big ask to keep reading your profile, wherever you are.

5. I am spunky but simple.
We used to call folks like you "hoodlums from the wrong side of town".

6. Things have changed in the last week !!! so I'll add: No Drunks. No Liars. No Married peoples.
No Single Peoples either after reading your profile...

7. Do you have what it takes?
For what?

8. Not, interested in someone who play games,who is tacky,lazy, sleeps with others,ARROGANT (usually a person who thinks they're too cute, and talks like a teenager about themself, too wacko for me) I prefer an mature,reserved,laid back, the caring kind any day.
Your punctuation and attitude indicates you are prescribed mood altering meds...

9. Blessings I am not interested in dating at this time .
We-o! That leaves more for the rest of us!

10. I think the inner side of the person is what makes him/her be beautifull and wonderfull!
Wonderfull answer, but have you taken a gander at your insides lately?
Oh, and spelling counts in these profiles beautifull...


  1. I didn't know that you could trade yak for women. Where did I leave that freaking yak?

  2. LOL how did I know Bud would have a comment about the yak trading? He's so predictable. :)