Saturday, January 1, 2011

SUNDAY STEALING meme: Over the Edge!

Sunday Stealing: The Over the Edge Meme
1. What curse word do you use the most?

2. Do you own an iPod?
Not yet.

3. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?
Yep. I was 13. His name was Robert Boyd. He was 15.

4. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Both, but I'm the photographer always it seems.

5. Has anyone ever called you lazy?
Yep. But I know someone else who is lazier...

6. Has anyone told you a secret this week?
No. But I heard a doozy about a co-worker from someone at work.

7. What is the first thing you notice about the someone that you are attracted to?
Eyes and friendliness.

8. What are you looking forward to?
Being content.

9. Do you own any band t-shirts?
I have my shirt from the 1983 US FEST in California that I attended...LOTS of 80s bands played over the 3 day festival.

10. When is the last time you slept on the floor?
On purpose?

11. What did you do last night?
Ate a great steak/Mac n Cheese/Spinach/and Cherry pie and lots of cocktails...watched Sex & The City 2, more alcohol and watched Dick Clark stumble though the count for the ball drop to champagne kisses.

12. Do you get along better with the same sex or the opposite sex?
Opposite. I've always been a tomboy and never enjoyed playing with girls.

13. Who was the last person to make you mad?
My father or my brother.

14. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
Bud, but with a bathroom break.

15. T or F: All’s fair in love and war?
It's not fair.

16. What’s something you’ve always wanted?
Contentment. Did I answer this earlier?

17. Do you enjoy spending time with your mother?
We were best friends during her last 5 years or so. She was diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer only 3 months into my new marriage and my whole life turned upside down caring for her and when she died 2 years later, I never really got over it. I did enjoy our time together, but I really miss her now.

18. Do you want a bright yellow ‘06 mustang?
I'd love a red one thank you.

19. Where is/are your best friend(s)?
Scattered all over the country and in England. I moved a lot.

20. Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake?
Neither. I don't know how to swim, nor am I interested in being in the water. I love showers and baths, howeer.  : )


  1. #15, I agree. #18, Red is nice too. Black or deep purple just suit me better. Have a great day!

  2. The red one is outside. At a dealers. In the showroom. ;)

  3. Sounds like a fun night last night. Gotta have those bathroom breaks. That's for sure.
    Have a great day!

  4. What a lovely story about your relationship with your mom. Now tell me about your coworker ...