Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today Sam picked Steven Tyler. Here's Wednesday Wickedness!

1. And the things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first.
When was the last time that you wanted to do something, it was done before you got there?
I wanted to make Bud's father a drink, but Bud already got it for him. I wanted to sit and break the ice with it.

2. As good as I am, I'm nothing without my band.
Do you feel there is anyone you could not do without?
Me, myself and I... and Bud.

3. Back then it was nothing like today. So you'd go to the bowling alley. We bowled and you could be in the back and you could make out, you know? And you know how hot it was to make out.
When you were young and innocent, what place did you make out?
Do the young and innocent "make out"?! I used to have a AAA map that had all these remote woodsy parking places marked with Xs on it and would bring it along on dates. It got quite dog-eared and wrinkled over time, so bottom line, usually in the car.

4. Drugs will get you out of your own way, but we lived it, and that's dangerous. It can actually turn around on itself and steal your soul, and that's what happened.
Were you ever tempted by something that could “steal your soul”?
I lived in Los Angeles for 3 years and if ever there was a place to steal your soul, that was it. Leaving L.A. was the best way to avoid that temptation.

5. Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.
How do you deal with sorrow?
Shopping, eating ice cream, or taking a long drive in the country and yaking photos of the landscape. Sometimes all three.

6. Fake it until you make it.
Did you ever have dreams of making it in showbiz in some capacity?
As a rock drummer...

7. Humility is really important because it keeps you fresh and new.
What keeps you fresh and new?
I meditate in the shower.

8. I don't mind being a grandfather.
If you are a grandparent, do you at first “mind it”? If you aren't, how do you think that you would feel about it?
Bud's grandchildren have called me "Grammie", and, tho charming they seem to like me, I find it unsettling and feel old. I dislike aging.

9. I grew up in New Hampshire. My closest neighbor was a mile away. The deer and the raccoons were my friends. So I would spend time walking through the woods, looking for the most beautiful tropical thing that can survive the winter in the woods in New Hampshire.
Do you enjoy winter where you live?
Yes, but we have had too much bad weather this year. I enjoy each season for about a month, then would love a change. Waiting on Spring...

10. I have to get inspired by something that touches my soul, or rocks my soul.
What rocks your soul?


  1. I hear you on the aging. I love my granddaughter to pieces, but the idea of becoming a grandma at 44 was nearly more than I could get a handle on. I don't feel like a grandma.

    By the way...am I the only one that thinks Tyler looks a lot like Joan Rivers these days?

    Happy Hump Day!

  2. I think Tyler would look a little better if he had as much work as Joan has had!

    Enjoyed your answers. Bud sounds like a keeper!