Friday, January 7, 2011



i am a fun loving gal!!!
Aren't we all! If you have a photo and a few other traits of interest you may succeed in getting a generic guy, but spellcheck would be handy...especially using your opening "i".

A good looking guy who can make me happy. He knows what he wants.
What makes you happy? Just the good looking part? In my experience, the good looking ones are high maintenance anyway.

My favourite pastimes r cinema, theatre, reading, crosswords, suduko and do love to dance!!
"r" you in 11th grade still?

Internet dating sites are all new to me.I'm very honest and genuene person with a good sence of humor.
I genuenely sence that you are not a high school graduate?

A sexually adventurous guy is big on my list!
Me oh my. You just looking to hook up? Methinks you can make money at that without using a dating site for your outlet.

My private nature does not prevent me from meeting new people and exchanging ideas do things.
What language is this translated from?

i would like to meet an intelligent, educated(Bachelors Degree at least), honest, sincere, family oriented and attractive man. 
Gawd forbid a high school grad would be the RIGHT man for you!

I can also be rude, obnoxious, harsh and difficult to get to know. I go to church, I dont care if you dont believe in anything, I dont have a point to prove, and you wont feel the need to prove one either.
Wowie...aggressive AND harsh. Hope he doesn't ask you out for coffee Sunday morning.

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