Sunday, January 9, 2011

SUNDAY STEALING: The 1st 2011 Alphabet Meme

Sunday Stealing: The First 2011 Alphabet Meme

A is for Age:
Is in the eye of the beholder...

B is for Beer of choice:
Sam Adams Light OR Molsen Golden

C is for Career:
In transition...

D is for favourite Drink:
In the AM it is the PM it is WINE.

E is for Essential item you use everyday:

F is for Favourite song at the moment:
Something from the song comes to mind. Just in a nostalgic mood lately...

G is for favourite Game:

H is for Home town:
Rotten Groton, CT

I is for Instruments you play:
Trumpet, Drums, Chord Organ

J is for favourite Juice:
Fermented Grape Juice...

K is for Kids:
No way Jose'...not a breeder and never regretted it!

L is for Last kiss:
This morning...

M is for marriage:
D is for divorced.
 N is for full Name:
Kathryn Alexander Collins but that is not my birth name.

O is for Overnight hospital stays:
Been there done that...uugh.

P is for phobias:
Spiders, Planes, Age...

Q is for quote:
"Bloom Where You Are Planted..."

R is for biggest Regret:
Not pushing my desire for college with my parents when I was in high school...

S is for sports:

T is for Time you wake up:
Right 'round 6:00 ish.

U is for colour of underwear:
Variety of styles and colors and fabrics depending on the event and the outwear...

V is for Vegetable you love:
Corn. Especially popcorn.

W is for Worst Habit:

X is for X-rays you've had:
Most recent was for pneumonia diagnosis about 2 months ago.

Y is for Yummy food you make:
I've been told my Mac n Cheese is pretty good. : )

Z is for zodiac sign:
A true Pisces

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