Saturday, January 15, 2011

PAGAN meme: Saturday Delight!

Pagan Meme : by Miaerowyn


Do you have a magical/Pagan name?
Yes, I am known as Akasha in the pagan world.

How did you find Paganism?
In 1991 I was doing research for an upcoming interview on my radio show with a witch from Salem, MA. After reading some books and speaking with a variety of witches, within a few months, I knew this was my path.

How long have you been practicing?
Since 1991.

Are you out of the broom closet?
With some close people, not the public.

Solitary or group practitioner?
I have attended rituals and meetings with a few groups, but prefer to practice alone. I'm not much of a club joiner.

What is your path?


Who is your patron Goddess?
Aphrodite and a generic all-encompassing female diety. No male gods, however Pan comes into play once in awhile.

Do you fear darkly aspected Gods/Goddesses, or rather respect them?
Don't believe in them.

Do you worship the Christian God?
NO WAY. It does not make sense to a logical mind and the rules and regulations are somewhat clouded with ideology that is bigoted, elitist and sexist.

 Do you worship animals? Or plants?
I love dogs, owls and hawks, but I do not worship them.

 N A T U R E

Do you regularly commune with nature?
Yes, every day.

Taken a camping trip just to talk to nature?
I've taken countless day trips in my car.

Describe the moment you felt closest to Mother Earth.
I feel very close to nature at the very beginning of each season. Autumn is my favorite and most spiritual.

Do you have a familiar?
I took a drumming meditation class and found my token animals were hawks and owls.

Have you ever called upon the powers of an animal in ritual?
In a moment of confusion, I called upon the spirit of a hawk to guide me to the right decision.

Do you hug trees?
Yes. I love trees.

Give them gifts?
When I take a pine tree from the ground for Yule, or gather pine cones for crafts, I always push a crystal into the soil to replace it.

What is are your favourite flower/plants to work with?
Roses, Apples, Carnations.

What are your favourite trees to work with?
Pine, Oak and Maple.

W H E E L  O F  T H E  Y E A R

What is your favourite holiday?
Samhain and Yule.

 What is your least favourite holiday?
I don't get involved with Ostera very much, though I love Spring.

 Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday?
Yes. The first was February 1992 Imbolc.

 Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a Pagan holiday?
No. Not yet anyway.

Do you celebrate Yule on the 21st rather than the 25th?
Both. Most of my friends and my lover celebrate Dec 25th for the winter holiday.

Have you ever felt the veil thin?
Yes, once especially on Samhain when in a deep Alpha state.

Ever danced the Maypole?
In my head, not in real life. Yet.

Know what the Maypole symbolizes?
Fertility...Beltaine is a blast!

How do you usually celebrate the Pagan holidays?


Do you use Tarot?
Yes, it's my favorite divination tool. I have several different decks.

Do you use runes?
I have them, but have not studied using them yet. I love the symbols.

Do you use a pendulum?
Yes, it's my 2nd favorite divination tool. I make my own charts for using it. I have 2 pendulums.

Do you use dowsing rods?
Not yet.

Do you use astrology?
Yes. I used to be a Pisces before the 13th System arrived this past week. I am Aquarius by that system, but I fit the Pisces traits so much better. I truly believe I am a Pisces.

Any other forms of divination?

Smoked Glass Gazing (Scrying).


What was the first spell you did?
A personal spell to find my spirit guide. I saw an elderly woman smiling back at me in my mind. I thought a younger spirit was my guide and was confused which seemed to amuse her.

What was the latest?
For a safe, smooth and happy move. It was.

Ever done a love spell?
Yes. I did a serious spell for a special man...outlined several traits I wanted him to have. He had all of those traits...but I didn't get detailed enough because he had other traits I could not live with.
I'd married him by the time I discovered those. We are now divorced.
I got very good advice from a priestess once that I ignored (and regret to this day) very careful what you wish may get it, but also be very specific, or you may wind up unhappy with your choice.

A job spell?
Yes, and I got the job!

A healing spell?
Yes for myself and for others around me.

What was the most powerful spell you’ve ever performed?
Outside of the man spell, I did a very powerful spell for an apartment. I imagined a lot of rooms and storage. Within a week I'd signed a lease for a great apartment with lots of rooms and full attic storage!

What deities do you usually call on?
Goddess energy and universal spirit. No specific gods or goddesses.


Do you believe in vampires?
I believe there are people who have blood issues and "crave" the chemicals in human blood. A survival thing. I think there is a fad now of young people adding to their sexual excitement by pretending to be vampyres. I do not believe in rising- from- the- coffin- at- dusk, blood- sucking, sun-fearing vampires.

I've dated a few...oh wait, those were just little werewolf humor.

Hmmm...not sure. I have seen people seem to dissappear...shapeshifter cloaking?

I think there may be shadow people that are other dimentional creatures that cross paths with this dimention in optimum energy-atmospheric conditions. This would encompass Fairies, Elves, Troggs, Ghosts and Brownies.

No, but I like the images and I love dinosaurs...and they remind me of them. They are powerful protection symbols as inanimate objects that I respect.

I think some people (human) have traits of pixies. (Ancient human race known as Picts).

Ever “seen” any of the above?

Ever used any of the above in magic?
I have dragon incense holders and a statue of a dragon as a water guardian.

Do you have one of them as a personal guardian?


Own a cat?
Yuk, no. I am a dog person.

When you meditate, what does your happy place look like?
Beautiful with fields or a tree lined path in the woods.

Do you work with chakras?
Yes, I totally believe in them. I love the throat chakra color of blue for communication and have used it while broadcasting.

Do you believe in past lives?
Yes. Reincarnation is a strong belief of mine.

Do you believe in soul mates?
Yes, but I think there may be more than one on the planet for any one person.

Is it always love and light?
Yes. I would never do a negative, manipulative or malicious spell. I would not harm anyone with magick, no matter how pissed off I got with them.

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