Monday, January 17, 2011


This week Harriet has GREEN for her theme on MONDAY MAYHEM.

1. What is your favorite Green food?
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

2. What is your most hated green food?

3. What is green that grosses you out?
Smelly seaweed on beach rocks. I refer to it as "Low Tide Smell" and often mention it when asked if I like seafood.

4. What is green that you love?

5. What is green that you never want to see again?
My ex boyfriend's car.

6. Have you ever seen a green person?
Back in the Nu Wave days of the 1980s, I saw a lot of green hair.

7. Have you ever been green?
Yes, as in dumb starting a job green.

8. Do you try to be green?
I used to try harder to be. When we move into a house, I plan to recycle and sort more thoroughly, use kitty litter instead of snow melt pellets...that kind of thing.

9. What is the best green thing in the world?
Ralph Nadar...

10. What green thing should we avoid?
Mold! Anywhere on walls and floors, but especially on food. I'm obsessive about expiration dates and when I open something, it has a very short life in our fridge. Bud goes nuts over this, because it is usually one of HIS favorite foods or condiments I toss out before he would have.


  1. Ralph Nader? What ever happened to him? Seaweed is nasty.
    Thanks for your continued patronage in this silly meme :)

  2. #10, so am I! My mom gave me flack one day when we were cleaning the kitchen. I was taking care of the lazy susan where all our can goods are. I looked at dates and just started chucking them into the can. She's was like there's nothing wrong with those, they're in cans. I'm like mom...see this *points to date* June of 1997, and what year is it? I think I ended up tossing over have of the crap in there. Guess I know where my pack rat tendencies come from.