Thursday, January 20, 2011

DATING PROFILES meme: OK, It Goes Like This...

Thursday Dating Profiles: Ok, It Goes Like This

1. ok it goes like this im a kind, caring, considerate, passionate person who loves the finer things in life like sharing with that special person the kind of music i like listening to is country,rock,80's&90's sometimes rap,r'n'b but i'm not really into classical,opera movies i watch are action,comedy,horror
of course this is an effective way of repelling any potential beau you seem to have no patience to even end a sentence or use capital letters,punctuation,correctly what a man magnet

2. Co-workers are very important to me and so you must love spending time with them.
Are you from China or some 3rd world country where you live in a converted tin shed and spend 6 days on 10 hour shifts at work for 30 cents an hour?

3. am looking for someone permanent to spend the next half of my life.
am seeing red flags about the first half.

4. You must be matured to match my personality.
Lookin' for a Sugar Daddy baby?

5. I can stay put doing the same activity for a long time too if I want to.
I can only imagine how Bud will answer this...

6. I'm single, without kids, but I love animals, although I don't have any pets.
Hey...this sounds like me! Judd are you quoting one of my old profiles from Match here? I find NOTHING wrong with the above sentence. lol...

7. I like who same as me, honest, kind.... and who like out door activity... Better if like reading, conversation , share knowledge of everything. So you think me?
I think you need green card.

8. Hi! im ,from philippines right now im here inkorea working.
That's terrific! this a plea to be rescued from the slave trade?

9. i don´t have a tv and no real interest in tv or films, may sound strange in these modern times, however, wasting time with a take out dinner and a dvd is not my kind of evening.
A lynching in the backyard? A coupla hours shootin' squirrels out of trees? Joy ridin' to the Wal-Mart? Tendin' to the sqwarsh garden? SO glad to see you live a full life without those pesky Arts to get in the way.

10. I do enjoy the occasional wild night.
"Pass the grey poupon please".


  1. Here's the poupon. Why do I think her wild night is playing double point scrabble?

  2. Ouch on the China thing.Although, you could be right in this case.....
    #9 reminds me of an episode of Wife Swap.

  3. I'm still pondering the half life question...who says that? LOL

  4. LOL, great answers Kathy. #7, glad I'm not the only one who was thinking along those lines. Happy Thursday!