Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hi I'm DJ KathyA! Welcome to Rock 'n Roll Fridays. We are like other memes in that we will ask you thirteen questions each and every Friday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a singer, band, era or category and pick thirteen of their songs. Each of our questions will be based on the lyrics.
Today we picked KISS.

1. DETROIT ROCK CITY: “You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City, Get up Everybody's gonna move their feet, Get down, Everybody's gonna leave their seat”
Have you ever been in a line dance or group dance? What was it?
I usually joined the locomotion train conga lines at the discos and was in a California Raisins group who danced to "Heard It Thru The Grapevine" at an amateur talent night in Westerly back in the 1980s. We fastened purple and red balloons to our leotards and did a dance routine. We won a $50 first prize.
 2. BLACK DIAMOND: “Out on the streets for a living, Picture's only begun, Your day is sorrow and madness, Got you under their thumb”
What would be the worst change in your life right now?
If I lost Bud.
 3. DEUCE: “Baby, if you're feeling good, Yes, baby, if you're feeling nice, You know your man is workin' hard, He's worth a deuce”
When was the last time you got a tip?
When someone said "Don't take wooden nickels"...actually, I worked as a bartender for many years and made pretty good tips back then.
 4. STRUTTER: “She wears her satin like a lady, She gets her way just like a child. You take her home and she says, "Maybe, come on, baby", She puts you down and drives you wild”
Do you know someone who easily manipulates others?
Ohh yaa...but I don't work with her anymore.
 5. I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN YOU: “Tonight I wanna see it in your eyes, Feel the magic, there's something that drives me wild. And tonight we're gonna make it all come true, 'Cause girl, you were made for me, And girl, I was made for you”
What was the last thing you saw in someone’s eyes?
Bloodshot? lol Umm...Love?
 6. LICK IT UP: “Dont need to wait for an invitation, You gotta live like youre on vacation. Theres something sweet you cant buy with money - lick it up, lick it up, Its all you need, so believe me honey, It aint a crime to be good to yourself”
When was the last time you treated yourself to something special?
I bought a new sweater at Macys. Damm straight I deserved it!
 7. LOVE GUN: “I'll be a gambler, Baby, Lay down the bet. We’ll get together, Mama…You'll sweat”
When was the last time you gambled?
On christmas day. Bud and I went to Mohegan Sun for a drink at the martini sky bar, then had dinner and watched a show...wound up playing a machine I was sitting at to watch the show and I won!
 8. HARD LUCK WOMAN: “I keep telling you hard luck woman, You ain't a hard luck woman. You'll be a hard luck woman, Baby, till you find your man”
Do you have hard luck, good luck or no luck lately?
Well, several factors point to bad luck lately, but I'm an optimist all the same. My father was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning and the IRS has audited me and I am job hunting again...
 9. GOD OF THUNDER: “I was born on Olympus, To my father a son, I was raised by the demons (she laughs), Trained to reign as the one”
Who is your favorite super hero?
 10. BETH: “Just a few more hours, And I'll be right home to you, I think I hear them callin' Oh, beth what can I do? Beth what can I do?”
What was the last reason you were late or detained?
I had a phone interview in the parking lot and was almost late for another interview because of it.
 11. CALLIN DOCTOR LOVE: “And even though I'm full of sin, In the end you'll let me in You'll let me through, there's nothin' you can do, You need my lovin', don't you know it's true”
What can you do that helps other people?
I listen...and I give a lot of clothes to charity.
 12. I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE STATE OF ROCK N ROLL: “I gave my blood and I gave my soul, I stood my ground and I took control, The legend's growin' as the story's told, I pledge allegiance to the state of Rock 'n Roll”
What would you pledge allegiance to if given a choice?
The State of Rock n Roll.
 13. CRAZY CRAZY NIGHTS: “And they try to tell us that we don't belong, But that's alright, we're millions strong, You are my people, you are my crowd, This is our music, we love it loud”
Are you a member of a group, (church, hobby group, civic group, network)?
I am a blogger and a facebook person. I used to be involved with The Grange as a Fair planner and Homefoods Chairperson.


  1. That is quite a streak of bad luck/no luck you've been having. Just goes to show how strong you are that you can remain optimistic. I hope things are okay with your dad.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Wooden nickels... someone wants sub-service...
    Have a great day!!!

  3. I'm totally bummed that I missed Beatles week...but was utterly thrilled to see KISS this week. *big smile*