Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today we picked BLONDIE!

1. HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE : “ You’ve got me hangin on the telephone…”
Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone?
Yes and it was when Bud and I first started dating. I had a glass of wine and just faded out of the conversation. Something jarred me awake, but I think he knew I was asleep for part of the talk.

2. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER : “One way or another, I’m gonna find ya. I’m gonna get ya , I’ll get ya…”
Where is the oddest place you agreed to meet someone?
Yesterday I met a potential employer at a Dunkin Donuts for a job interview. He did not want the person in the office to know he was interviewing replacements. It was humbling to have my questions and answers so out in the open and being observed by so many people.

3. PRETTY BABY : “Pretty baby, you look so heavenly. A neo nebula from under the sun…”
Post your baby picture here.
Of course I am eating something sweet... licking frosting off the mixer beater...

4. RIP HER TO SHREDS : “Check out those shoes. She looks like she stepped out of the middle of somebody’s blues. She looks like the Sunday comics, she thinks she’s Brenda Starr…”
Who did you last rip apart or gossip about?
We just watched NOWHERE BOY and I was gossiping to Bud about the director of the film who is in her 40s getting engaged to the star of the film who was 19 when they met and fell in love.

5. ATOMIC : “Oh, oh heart make it magnificent. Tonight , tonight….”
Do you believe in nuclear energy? If not, what type of power do you prefer?
I was an armed guard at a nuclear power plant in the 1980s...I was then and still am opposed to nuclear energy. There is not enough preventive maintanance to convince me it couldn't be catastrophic eventually.

6. PICTURE THIS : “All I want is a photo in my wallet. A small remembrance of something more solid. All I want is a picture of you.”
Are you into photography? What do you usually photograph?
I love photography and photograph people and places. I love photographing animals also. Recently did a slide show of a holiday party I photographed at Buds sister's house.

7. DENIS : “Denis Denis I’m so in love with you. You’re my king. I’m in heaven every time I look at you…”
What is your favorite name that is used by both boys and girls (Example: Jean/Gene)?
"Stupid"...jk...Sam is cool.

8. UNION CITY BLUE : “Oh ho, oh ho, what are we gonna do? Union, union, union city blue. Tunnel to the other side. It becomes daylight.”
Are you in a union? Do you believe in them?
I was in a couple of unions, but never found a need to use them myself. I know they help establish work practices, but I find they are a waste of money for me, unless the place is a total sweat shop. I think they really need one at WalMart.

9. HEART OF GLASS : “Love is so confusing there’s no peace of mind. If I fear I’m losing you, it’s just no good. You teasing like you do…”
When was the last time you teased someone?
I teased my father in the nursing home he is recovering in. A nurse was pretending to flirt with him and I asked if I should have the doctor prescribe some viagra for him while he was here. (not funny to write/read here but everyone involved laughed at the time...he is 90 yrs old).

10. DREAMING : “Dream, dream. Even for a little while. Dream, dream. Filling up an idle hour. Fade away….radiate…”
What do you daydream about?
Doing something with Bud, or planning out the new house colors...

11. CALL ME : “Cover me with kisses baby, cover me with love. Roll me in designer sheets, I’ll never get enough…”
Should prostitution be legal? Why or why not?
Sure. Regulate it, tax it and require the gals (and guys) to be medically fit for work. It's supply and demand, after worse than a burger maker at McDonalds. You sell your time...I wonder how you disconnect from sex, but I also could never work in a slaughterhouse.

12. RAPTURE : “Fab Five Freddy told me everbody’s fly…”
Who is your favorite rap artist, or if you don’t like rap music, what about it do you dislike?
I get a kick out of most rap. I love the rhymes and creative mixing. I know it's crazy, but I like Eminem for his extreme sarcasm.

13. EAT TO THE BEAT : “Hey you gotta tummy ache, and I remember sitting in the bathroom drinking up a seltzer. Eat to the beat…”
When was the last time you had a tummy ache and what caused it? was the other night. Threw up twice. It was after a big party we threw for his son and had 11 people over. I ate a lot of the snacks and appetizers, then beltted down 4 glasses of wine in a half hour...Poor Bud held my hair back while I puked and coughed. True love tested for sure!


  1. Eminem: yes! Sometimes, I have to read his lyrics to get the point, but wow, yeah.

    Also, yay for Bud, boo for being sick, and hope you're feeling better.

  2. #11, I agree. #12, if it wasn't for Eminem, I'd probably still call it 'crap'. #13, Yep, Bud's definitely a keeper! Have a great weekend!